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Spray-on Bedliners: Not Just a Pick-Up Solution

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Quick. Let’s do a word association game. If someone mentions spray-on bedliners, what immediately comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you’re thinking pick-up trucks. After all, it’s seemingly all in the name. The beds of pick-up trucks are subjected to a great deal of abuse. Therefore, it only makes sense that they should be equipped with some type of liner.

There’s no denying that the beds of pick-up trucks need some durability. At Marvel Coatings, our Armadillo Liners are making people – simply marvel.  Once again, it’s all in a name. After all, why would a company choose a somewhat strange looking creature to establish their brand?

The answer is easy. Armadillo translates to “little-armored one.” When it comes down to it, spraying on an Armadillo liner creates a shield of armor. The result is an outer shell that is hard and protective. Its response to the air and moisture is remarkable. So, why just limit the magic o spray-on bedliners to pick-up trucks?

Spray-on Bedliners: Solutions

There are a couple of alternatives that some truck owners consider in addition to spray-on bedliners. First, there is the group that doesn’t think it’s important to do anything at all when it comes to protecting the beauty of their truck – or their investment.

Although some elect to do absolutely nothing to give the open compartment more strength, others do what they think will work. Drop-in bedliners. However, when a plastic insert is placed into a pickup's bed, it may be the start of new problems. Drop-ins can crack and actually lead to more trouble!  You can also read more about why drop-in bedliners are not the preferred solution here.

Meanwhile, let’s get back to thinking outside the box. If spray-on bedliners are so great, where else can they be used? The answer comes with an understanding of polyurea coatings.

Polyurea is the basis of many of the products that bear the Marvel Coatings name. In short, polyurea is a chemical mixture that features elastomer qualities and enormous strength.  Anyone who uses polyurea coatings can’t help but feel some relief. They increase the lifespan and value of equipment – cutting out damage from water, moisture, and chemicals.

For starters, you might consider using spray-on bedliners for some smaller projects as well. As the season breaks, you may be concerned about outside lawn furniture. Couldn’t it use a seal of protection? This is particularly true if your chairs and table have some amount of metal. Corrosion can easily end the look and use of your patio set. Spray-on bedliners fight corrosion and can be applied to metal.

Spray-on bedliners are not only great for vehicle application. They may be used to strengthen outside doors – particularly in heavily trafficked areas. It’s all about adding protection.

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You may have your own ideas about using spray-on bedliners for different types of projects. At Marvel Coatings, we will review your needs and provide you with the right solutions. We will also make sure you understand the application process.  Give us a call so that we can discuss how Marvel Coatings can help you!