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Industrial Coatings and the Environment: What You Need to Know

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When it comes to industrial coatings, personal safety isn’t the only concern. Taking care to protect the environment is another critical issue. In fact, following guidelines for limiting pollution and disposing of waste are essential. Additionally, a solid knowledge of application techniques is necessary to avoid contaminating soil.

Truth be told, when industrial coatings are used correctly, they really serve as a benefit to the environment. In fact, polyurea has prevented leakage from both primary and secondary containments. Not only are surfaces stronger – they are actually impermeable. Industrial coatings also create protective barriers against corrosion and abrasion. Meanwhile, they are resistant to chemicals and fuels.

Protecting the Environment

It’s not just the issue of the substances contained in any type of industrial coatings. First, safety precautions need to be taken in surface preparation. For example, if you’re sanding, you’ll create dust that can pollute the air. Therefore, it is imperative that you use a vacuum equipped with HEPA filters.

Meanwhile, there are other ways you can hurt the environment during surface preparation. You could decide to sweep that same dust into a storm drain located near your business. Consequently, local streams are polluted. In fact, dumping any kind of waste in a sewer or storm drain can have negative environmental results.

When using spray guns for application, you also want to consult with a technical expert regarding your tool selection. When you work with a Marvel Coatings representative, you can learn about protocols to ensure safe environmental use. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has verified technologies and protocols that are critical to best practices.

The regulations known as the Clean Air Act fall under the EPA as well.  The EPA offers guidelines concerning the use of all types of solvents and chemicals. As an example, one set of rules specifically deals with Automobile and Light-Duty Truck Surface Coating Operations.

If you decide to spray on a bed liner into a pick-up truck, you’ll need to follow the directions provided in this mandate. Otherwise, you’ll risk making a significant contribution to air pollution. It’s one of the many reasons spray booths are used in bed liner application.

The bottom line is that your work to be as green as possible. More than likely, you want to keep your employees safe – as well as the air, waterways, and soils.


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