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Why Boat Owners Absolutely Love Spray On Bedliners

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Truck owners are constantly extolling the benefits of spray on bedliners. In fact, they can’t seem to say enough about how they add to the value of their vehicles. Meanwhile, companies that service all types of marine equipment are joining on the bandwagon. In particular, boat owners absolutely love spray on bedliners.

As we near the Memorial Day holiday, people across the nation are readying their boats for the water. Everything from fishing vessels to sailboats to motorboats will soon hit either salt or freshwater bodies. The mixture of salt, water, and even air – can all have negative impacts on the life of any boat.

Corrosion is a major concern for boat owners. When metal is exposed to salt, a chemical process begins and continues to the point of rust. The result is not only an unsightly look – but one that breaks down the surface. In fact, failure to take prophylactic measures of some kind can even cause holes in some part of the vessel. No doubt there’s something very concerning about a boat with any kind of holes.

Spray On Bedliners Used for Boats

Most boat owners recognize the importance of preventative maintenance. When spray on bedliners is applied, they create a hard outer shell. At Marvel Coatings, our Armadillo liners are renowned for the strength they add to surfaces. Many call it to the best in the business.

Take a step back and think of a pick-up truck. Spray on bedliners act as a sealant when applied to the inside of truck beds. This means that they ward against the impact of weather – rain, snow, and air itself. However, there’s more to it than that when it comes to both truck beds and boats.

Spray on bedliners set fast and have elastomer qualities. Additionally, they offer protection against abrasions. When you’re looking to preserve a boat’s appearances, this is critical. There’s also the fact that spray on bedliners used on boat decks create an anti-skid surface. They are adaptable to different materials – from metal to wooden boat hulls.

We’ve saved the best for last. Spray on bedliners are also ideal for waterproofing. They are useful on the exterior and interior boat surfaces. Boat owners who use spray on bedliners as a new alternative can’t believe they didn’t discover them sooner.

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