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Spray Foam Insulation to the Rescue!

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In case you’re under the impression that the name says it all, you might be surprised. No doubt that spray foam insulation is one of those products that seemingly speaks for itself. Its basic concept is to guard against air seepage and water infiltration. Without question, spray foam insulation plays an essential role in all seasons.  However, you might be surprised at some other ways that spray foam can actually rescue you.

Think outside the box for a moment. Are you frustrated with noisy pipes? More than likely, you already know the benefits of insulating pipes throughout a building. It guards them against temperature changes. However, have you thought about noise reduction?  You might be taken aback to learn how insulation also plays a role in soundproofing. Additionally, spray foam works well to reduce vibration.

What about keeping those pesky bugs from getting in the house? Although spray foam insulation isn’t marketed for pest control, it can have a double effect. The same barrier that keeps out air and moisture seals off the entryway for potential critters of all kinds.

Other Uses for Spray Foam Insulation

When we tell you some other uses for spray foam insulation, you’ll likely be astounded. Take a look at the area underneath the tub in the bathroom. Notice some space? It’s easy to understand how this could be problematic.

Once again, spray foam insulation to the rescue. With this type of project, the best time to take advantage of spray foam is when the tub is filled with water. Wouldn’t it be great if you could line the crevices underneath? Our technical experts at Marvel Coatings can guide you through the process.

Here’s another thought for consideration. Spray foam insulation is ideal for sealing off windows. However, it’s also critical to remember exterior doors. You may find yourself looking at some rotting wood and not want to go through the expense of replacing the door. With spray foam, you can fill in the voids and save costs on your utility bills.

Setting a pole or post outside? Once again, you might want to investigate the benefits of spray foam insulation. It sets fast and adds real strength when applied. Even better? Spray foam adapts to the shape of the structure it protects.

The bottom line is that spray foam insulation can be used for many innovative projects. Some have even created decorative designs, while others use spray foam to safeguard breakable items when packing.

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