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We Can Help You Expand Your Business as a Marvel Dealer

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After a while, you may start seeing a pattern. It could be that you’re a new car dealer. You send out work for spray on bedliners. It’s a simple add-on, and you admittedly get a small referral fee. But, what if you could keep that money in-house? Could you expand your business if you became a Marvel dealer?

The short answer is yes. And, that goes the same for other types of companies as well. It could be that you’re a body shop cleaning up an F-150 involved in a motor vehicle crash. There’s no question that a bedliner will add to the job. The customer will be elated when he or she sees the beautiful new shiny sheen. The fact that you’ve just offered a level of protection will also score you business. And, add to your bottom line.

At Marvel Industrial Coatings, we know that our Armadillo Liners offer a money-making proposition to prospective dealers. First and foremost, we provide a well-respected product. We’re happy to share plenty of testimonials from customers, installers and dealers alike. They love not only the look of the finished job – but also the idea that the truck bed is abrasion-free and waterproofed.

However, a great product line is just one part of the equation. If you’re looking to expand your business, you need some additional help as well.

Support for Marvel Dealers

It’s an investment that’s sure to bring you profits. Of course, you’ll want to market this new part of your business. You know that Armadillo Liners are top of the line. However, you’ll need to make sure new and existing customers understand how lucky they are that you’ve expanded your business.

Marvel Coatings offers a host of marketing support opportunities. You can tailor brochures with your company logo. We’ll give you the basics. You can also outfit your staff with Marvel shirts. Of course, you’ll also want to make sure your company vehicles are exemplary of the benefits of spray-on bedliners.

Meanwhile, it is critical that you understand product specifications and application. Our technical experts will give you and your employees training and ensure that you also have the right equipment. We’ll also go through any regulatory concerns you should know about spraying at your facility.

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Protective coatings are a real winner when it comes to add-on sales. Are you thinking about becoming a Marvel dealer? Give us a call today!