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The Bottom Line is that Your Equipment Needs Protection

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When it comes down to it, you have a couple of choices. You can buy equipment with the intention of replacing it sooner than later. Candidly, that type of mindset suggests that you’re not making long-term investments. Seldom is the cost of replacement more cost-effective than taking care of things at the start. The bottom line is that your equipment needs protection.

No doubt you already know the ill effects of the elements on all types of equipment. It could be that you are responsible for a fleet of pick-up trucks that get beat up once they’re out in the field. If that’s the case, you should know some of the great attributes of a spray on bed liner.

Marvel Industry Coatings has received numerous accolades for its Armadillo Liners. In many circles, Armadillo is to spray on bedliners what Xerox is to photocopying. In short, it’s a brand name that acts with distinction. Armadillo Liners create a hard outer shell that increases the integrity of trucks. In doing so, the prospect of abrasion and infiltration of water are minute – and sometimes non-existent.

In a marine environment, polyurea has also proven to be valuable. It bonds quickly and is waterproof. Vessels of all types benefit from industrial coatings applications.

More Equipment Needs

Depending on your industry needs, you should also recognize what industrial coatings can do to protect big equipment. For example, coatings have helped guard against corrosion in such big machines as:

  • Backhoes

  • Tractors

  • Trailers

  • Other farm and construction equipment

One of the important benefits of polyurea-based coatings is that it creates a chemical resistance. This is mandatory if you are hauling any type of materials that can cause deterioration. Additionally, treated surfaces become rust resistant.

Equipment that is professionally coated is also easier to clean. Therefore, it makes maintenance tasks easier. Coatings are also used to repair damages. Consequently, you can catch a problem and find the right solution to make a repair to equipment that might otherwise be a loss.

Military and Police Equipment

All levels of government have embraced the importance of protecting assets. Industrial coatings are used not only on police vehicles but also on military tanks. The emphasis is on strengthening the exterior to avoid problems caused by air and moisture.

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