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The Benefits of Polyurea Coatings in Medical Facilities

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At the top of the list of medical facilities is safety. Most obviously, a safe environment includes protection against germs. However, it could mean focusing on hospital floors or concerns about waterproofing. The benefits of polyurea coatings start from the construction of the medical facility. Meanwhile, industrial coatings are advantageous when used for maintenance or repair projects.

In some older facilities, polyurea coatings are somewhat of a lifesaver. There may be external features of the hospital or medical center that need help. For example, polyurea coatings are ideal in both cracked roofs and cracked sidewalks.

However, let’s start from the bottom up. Where people step matters. For that reason, a great deal of attention rightfully goes to flooring in medical facilities. Some large buildings span blocks and therefore have miles and miles of walkways. Some of the safety requirements regarding hospital flooring include:

  • Must be waterproof

  • Skid-resistant

  • Durable and abrasion resilient

  • Germ-free

Meanwhile, there’s most often the added requirement that the flooring looks nice. And of course, there are requirements concerning maintenance and repair. The solution to it all comes in the form of polyurea coatings. The chemical elastomer properties of polyurea allow it to create a shield over surfaces. Even heavy trafficked medical centers will be surprised at the added appeal.

Polyurea as a Sealant

It’s not just that polyurea coatings are waterproof. They are also resistant to chemicals and gases. Most important – polyurea is germ and infection resistant. This means that there are no concerns that contaminants can seep beneath the treated surface. As a result, a simple disinfection treatment on the surface is all that is necessary when germs and spills are an issue.

Polyurea coatings may also be applied to some equipment to protect their strength and longevity. The sealants may also be used in various areas of the medical facility to ward off concerns of water and moisture infiltration. Without a doubt, mold protection is a consideration.

One of the many advantages of polyurea coatings is that they cure fast. The elastomer properties of polyurea also make it flexible. Both the application and end result are beyond expectations.

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