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Do You Know the Advantages of a Polyurea Cartridges?

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First things first. In order to understand the advantages of polyurea cartridges, you need to know the value of polyurea. As an industrial coating, some describe polyurea as magical. From repairing leaking roofs to waterproofing tanks and parking lots, polyurea has well earned its reputation.

Again, those are some of the virtues of polyurea. However, what is it exactly? In a prior article, we provided some details about the chemistry of polyurea. It is a coating that has elasticity. The fact that it cures fast makes it an ideal solution for many types of jobs.

Meanwhile, the expediency in curing is just one factor that makes polyurea extra special. Application to many types of materials is possible – including concrete. Polyurea looks good and is extremely durable. It doesn’t crack or peel. And, it’s chemically resistant to not only water but also harsh chemicals, salt, and oil.

To save money, some use epoxy to spruce up infrastructures. The problem? All of the amazing attributes of polyurea are missing. You can’t count on epoxy to truly protect a surface. However, understanding the right way to apply polyurea is critical to your job.

Polyurea Application Equipment

The equipment options for polyuria application vary according to the size of the project and the end use. Marvel Coatings acts as a supplier for Graco in providing options for spray equipment. For example, there are specific guns for flooring installation. Also, if you are using high output polyurethane foam, your application will require different equipment.

So, when and why are polyurea cartridges a good option? First, there are times when it is unnecessary to use a high-pressure system. For example, if you’re doing a small job or a repair, you don’t need to invest in expansive equipment.

Portability is major when it comes to polyurea cartridges. You don’t have to worry about mobility. However, this brings something else to mind. How often are you planning on using polyurea for different applications? Is it a matter of maintenance and repair? You might find it most cost effective to invest in a polyurea cartridge system. The same is even true if your work is limited to spray on liners for up to ten trucks per month.

Polyurea Cartridge Systems

When it comes down to it, polyurea cartridge systems are easy to use – and disposal is equally stress-free. Plain and simple, they are a point and shoot system that gets thrown away once the product is expended.

Without question, customers worry about the impact that polyurea will have on the surface they pay to protect. When you use a polyurea cartridge system, you have a choice of one of fourteen standard colors. You can select from something as bright as yellow or red, or opt for traditional colors such as black, brown and grey.

Most contractors are impressed with the ease of use of polyurea cartridges. They are pneumatic guns that need only 11 cfm of air to operate. Consistency is critical when applying polyurea, and the cartridges are known to produce even patterns.

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