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The Bottom Line on Why Spray On Bed Liners are the Best

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Appearances matter. If you talk to most truck owners, they have real pride in ownership. In many cases, it’s the first reason that they even consider a bed liner of any type. Spray on bed liners offer great appeal when it comes to enhancing the way a truck looks. However, it’s what else they do that makes them superior.

If you’re a new or used truck dealer, chances are that you’ve already dealt with bed liner issues. A customer comes in to pick up a shiny new pick up. You watch as he does a total walk around the vehicle. For you, it might even be a chance to add on a service….whether you decide to do it in-house or ship it to a Marvel dealer.

As you know, both a Chevy Silverado and a Ford F-150 typically start out with bare pickup beds. Depending on the manufacturer, some truck beds are constructed of steel, while others offer aluminum. In either case, without protection, there are some risks to leaving the bed unlined.

Appearances aside. Truck beds need protection against the elements. Otherwise, the life of the truck can be compromised. And, you already know what happens to resale value.

When it comes down to it, there are three things owners can do as far as their truck’s bed. Although it’s not advisable to do so, they can leave it bare. Alternatively, they can opt for either a drop in bed liner or a spray on.

Drop-in v. Spray-on Bedliners

Knowledge is critical when it comes to selecting the right type of bed liner. A drop in liner is generally constructed of heavy plastic. As you might guess, it literally drops into the bed of the truck and may be bolted in place. However, there can be issues right at the beginning. Some of the problems pick-up truck owners complain about when it comes to drop-in liners include the following:

  • Bedliner broke away from the bolt and shifted

  • Actual pieces of plastic insert tore

  • Drop-in liner made a distracting vibration

  • Water or snow trickled through cracks in the plastic

  • Bedliner did not add to the appearance of the truck

Some might argue that a drop in liner is better than a bare truck bed. For many, cost acts as the reason for selecting the drop in. When it comes to an initial investment, it might seem less expensive to purchase a plastic insert. However, there’s a considerable risk that the drop in won’t do its job or will need to be replaced.

At Marvel Coatings, customers rave about our Armadillo Liners. Spray on liners actually add to the beautiful sheen of a vehicle. They can be color matched and are often complimented. However, the truly best part is what spray on bed liners do as far as protection.

The name Armadillo Liners offers some clues as to what the product does. If you didn’t know it already, armadillos are known for the hard shells. And, that’s what this spray on liner does. It literally creates a surface that is impermeable. You won’t have to worry about corrosion from water or moisture. Meanwhile, there’s protection against abrasions.

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