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Let Marvel Help Your Building Company with the Spring Thaw

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More than likely, you already know that the Northeast experienced yet another snow storm. Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that yesterday was the official start of spring. As winter gasps its last icy breath and Americans attempt to put away their snow shovels for the season, home builders are once again poised to ramp up production and start building more and more residential and commercial properties. For many, it’s all about the spring thaw.

So, how will this impact you as a building contractor? You certainly have goals in mind. This means they’re going to need top-notch products to ensure the homes they’re building the best, strongest, safest and most comfortable structures. Whether you need to coat structural beams with our industrial-grade polyurea or insulate a home with foam, Marvel has the products, equipment, and knowledge to get you going. We are committed to partnering with you to give your customers the best.

Weather and Moisture Protection

In everyday life, water and weather are non-threatening and sometimes pleasurable parts of living. To buildings and property owners, however, they can represent a variety of threats to structural integrity, air quality within the building and more. Both polyurea and polyurethane protect your property against water damage. By creating a leak-proof barrier, water cannot be absorbed into the underlying surface such as concrete or wood. This prevents rotting, rusting, warping, and freeze-crack problems. While many future homeowners tend to overlook the quality of the insulation inside their home, it represents a fundamental element of the strength, quality, and permanence of the structure.

Resistance to All Elements

Today’s homes have to be more impervious than ever to the extreme and rapid changes in weather patterns. Increased rainstorms, snowfall, and hotter summers are making properties more vulnerable than ever. Blustery winds make it difficult for building structures. Meanwhile, ground shifts cause their own share of troubles. Either of these conditions can weaken or harm even of the best of materials. Polyurea acts as a lifesaver whenever it comes in contact with vulnerable structures as it adds a  high tensile strength. Therefore, the material stretches to absorb the impact, holding the structure together.

Let Marvel Protect Your Home or Building Business

Whether you own a construction business or are an aspiring DIY builder, Marvel Industrial Coating is ready to give you the tools, knowledge, and support you need to get the job done. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive line of insulation products and customized coatings. We offer some of the lowest wholesale pricing, comprehensive support, and customized products to give you the strength, reliability, and protection you and your clients deserve. Our experienced and qualified sales professionals very much look forward to hearing from you.