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Safety and Spray Foam Use: What You Need to Know

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Whether you’re a contractor or end user, you already have some thoughts about insulation. Talk to most people, and you’ll arrive at similar opinions. Spray foam is, unquestionably the future of insulating homes and businesses. More and more builders are choosing spray foam over fiberglass because it’s generally considered to be a safer and more efficient alternative during long periods of proximity. There are, however, genuine and valid safety issues to be recognized when working with all types of insulation, including spray foam.

As spray foam is utilized by commercial builders and do-it-yourself repairmen, alike, it’s critical that all exercise the proper amount of caution when working with this material. Some of the best ways to eliminate common safety issues when working with spray foam include:

Limit Exposure Immediately Following Installation

Though generally considered safe after a certain period of time, exposure to spray foam insulation should be limited. Isocyanates, and other SPF chemicals that may be found in vapors, aerosols, dust, or on surfaces. This can represent a hazard during and for a period of time after installation

Wondering what this means to your wellbeing or others not protected? Consider a host of adverse health effects such as asthma, sensitization, which can lead to asthma attacks if exposed again, lung damage, other respiratory and breathing problems, skin and eye irritation and more. There are several measures that one can take to minimize health risks during the spray foam insulation. Those who experience respiratory symptoms should consult a doctor immediately.

Observe and Follow Best Practices during Installation

Engage in safe and effective workplace practices. This should include proper ventilation, reviewing labels and product information for ingredients, hazards, directions, safe work practices, and precautions; ensuring health and safety training is completed, and safe work practices are followed to prevent eye, skin, and inhalation exposures during and after SPF installation. Additional, focus on exercising caution when determining safe re-occupancy for unprotected occupants and workers based on the manufacturer’s recommendation. Many health issues that are incurred during installation occur due to lack of adherence to proper safety precautions during installation.

Let Marvel Guide You through the Spray Foam Insulation Process

Marvel Industrial Coatings recognizes that it’s not enough to simply offer the best and most innovative spray foam products on the market without providing ongoing support and direction regarding its application. This is why we provide comprehensive support services to residential and commercial builders alike. In order to get the most out of this innovative and efficient material, it’s critical that you understand the full scope of the risks and benefits. Contact Marvel Industrial Coatings today to learn everything you need to know about spray foam insulation.