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Here's a Quick Way Armadillo Liners Can Increase Your Bottom Line

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No doubt you’re already sold on the concept of bedliners. In fact, you may push the idea with your customers and ship out vehicles for the extra touch. However, the truth is that you have the opportunity to increase your bottom line. By becoming an Armadillo Liner dealer, you keep the profit in-house. Sounds far better than getting just a small percentage of the job, doesn’t it?

Armadillo Liners are tops in the spray-on bed liner industry. Meanwhile, there’s no comparison to what some companies do in-house. For example, plastic inserts offer little real protection to the back of pick-up trucks. They crack easily and let in water or air. Besides, they are seldom attractive and provide little durability.

Whether you are a new truck dealer or an auto body shop, you may want to consider becoming an Armadillo Liner dealer. You’ll do the work you would usually ship out. You’ll go from being the intermediary to the service provider. Not only will your profits increase but your customers will count on you for a job well done.

Becoming an Armadillo Liners Dealer

One of the most significant reasons to become an Armadillo Liners dealer is the support you can count on from Marvel Coatings. For starters, you’ll need to know about booth placement. OSHA has specified safety requirements, and our reps can guide you to ensure you are in compliance.

Equipment purchase is another consideration when becoming an Armadillo Liners dealer. Marvel can set you up with new or refurbished state of the art Graco Plural component equipment. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of spray gun types. Meanwhile, you won’t have to worry about finding parts when you need them.

Training is essential when becoming a bed liner dealer. Without question, safety is critical. You’ll want to make sure your workers are adequately protected and know the best way to approach the job. At Marvel Coatings, you have the advantage of two and a half days on-site training. Additionally, there’s the prospect of annual refresher courses.

Concerned how you will market this new product offering? Marvel Coatings has you covered. You can opt for floor displays or custom truck bed decals with your logo. Additionally, your collateral will stress the advantages of spray-on bedliners done by your company. Your brochures are sure to catch the eyes of truck owners who know the importance of enhancing their truck beds. Pride in ownership goes a long way.

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