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How Restaurants Can Benefit from Industrial Coatings

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You might be amazed at how industrial coatings really go to work in restaurants. Cleanliness is a big deal when it comes to the foodservice industry. For one, it’s imperative that food preparation areas are resistant to all types of substances. It's not just concerning that water can create a mold environment. Grease presents an entirely different problem. Service areas also benefit from polyurea coatings.

If you are involved in constructing a new restaurant, you should not just focus on the use of seemingly attractive paints. The truth is that paint offers nothing in the way of protection. It chips and becomes unsightly with the slightest infiltration. Using polyurea coatings enhances appearances, and does so for extended periods of times.

Industrial Coatings for Restaurants

It’s no secret that restaurant floors experience a great deal of traffic. For starters, kitchen help is always on their feet. More often than not, there’s an issue with spills of all kinds. Repeated liquid exposure can cause severe damage. There’s also a huge chance that cleaning solvents will further deteriorate floors and create permanent cracks.

Meanwhile, wait staff goes back and forth from the kitchen. The traffic alone is only one part of the equation. Unfortunately, there’s also the risk of servers dropping trays carrying both food and beverage. The combination can be lethal to a restaurant floor.

Enter polyurea coatings. Almost magically, a hardened outer layer makes restaurant floor impermeable. Depending on the product, the floor becomes water-resistant or waterproof. A hard outer layer also prevents the dings that commonly happen when utensils or heavier objects hit the floor.

Meanwhile, there’s another consideration. Some restaurants opt for carpeting in the dining room, but quickly discover that the wear and tear doesn't work well. The same is true when vinyl, wood, or tiles are used for restaurant flooring.

Erosion is a big concern when it comes to establishing any pathways in a kitchen or eating area. There’s also the possibility that coffee or wine will stain the surface. Restaurant floors treated with industrial coatings make clean up easier. Equally important, they establish a barrier that keeps out germs and moisture.

Polyurea on Tabletops

It might come as a surprise. However, polyurea coatings apply well to tabletops and add to their durability. With that in mind, you should also consider the adaptability of polyurea to bar areas. After all, any type of surface that is at risk for spills is a good candidate for industrial coating application.

The good news is that polyurea is environmentally friendly. The fact that is sprayed on makes it easier to reach every crack and crevice. If it isn’t something you’ve considered in the beginning, it’s worth looking into with any restaurant rehab project.

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