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What Every Roofer Should Know about Polyurea

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As a roofer, you already know that you’re dealing with an essential part of every building.  After all, roofs need to stand the stress associated with the elements. Waterproofing is critical, as is adding durability. If you haven't heard about polyurea, you’ll be anxious to learn more.

First, you should understand what makes polyurea so unique. One of its greatest benefits is its elastomer quality. This means that it is flexible and thus adaptable. As a result, it is easy to apply polymer coatings with an expectation of elasticity.

Meanwhile, there are other benefits to polyurea spray coatings. They do not take a long time to set, even at extreme temperatures. Additionally, polyurea is unaffected by humid environments. Some formulas are water-resistant, while others are undoubtedly waterproof.

However, that’s not all that should entice every roofer to look into polyurea spray coatings. They are an excellent sealant and create a hard surface. When you use polyurea coatings, you don’t have to worry about even pinhole leaks. Although it’s a good idea to start new construction with polymer coatings, the product is also used for maintenance and repair.

Polyurea for Roofs

Weather is often a factor in many cases of roof damage. Obviously, the number one purpose of a sturdy roof is to protect the integrity of the inside structure. Fluctuations in temperature can also damage roofs. In certain parts of the country, property owners go from freeze to thaw in a matter of days. Without proper protection, there is a risk of roof leakage that can easily penetrate inside.

Here’s something you might also know. Different types of polyurea coatings can be applied to roofs. For example, have you heard of Marvel Coating’s Armadillo Liner? You may recognize the name as a leader in spray-on bedliners. In fact, your pickup may already have this excellent protection.

By now, bells may be going off. You might already recognize the strength that a spray-on bed liner adds. It makes surfaces free of abrasion and seals out moisture and air. Imagine what this product line will do for your roofing project. Adding a protective shell just got easier.

However, other polyurea coatings work well on roofs. Consider the benefits of spray foam insulation. Many roofers address air leakage issues with spray foam insulation. It’s a double hitter as insulation and sealant go on all at once.

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Choosing the right product and application is key to any roofing project. Need help? Contact Marvel Coatings to learn how polyurea coatings can help you get your job done the best possible way.