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The Bottom Line on Why You Need Spray Foam Insulation

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Depending on your location, the weather dictates your need for spray foam insulation. For example, in some parts of the country, you’re hearing calls for more frigid temperatures. Meanwhile, you may live and work where the humidity and heat are overwhelming. Of course, there’s always the chance that you experience a fluctuation in seasons.

Be that as it may, commercial and residential building contractors, as well as homeowners, very quickly become aware of the benefits of spray foam insulation. For one, there is the appeal of low-density, impact-resistant foam. Many find it is ideal for numerous applications. As a matter of fact, spray foam has quickly risen to the preferred method of sealing air and water leaks in homes and commercial buildings.

Why else is spray foam insulation so valuable? It provides air-tight sealing, incredible energy savings, is easy to use and is environmentally friendly. It also outshines its increasingly obsolete fiberglass counterpart. The benefits and advantages of spray foam insulation are almost too abundant to list. Notwithstanding, some of the more common uses for this building and construction marvel include:

  • Foundations and Crawlspaces

  • HVAC Ducts

  • Cold Storage Units

  • Attics and Basements

  • And More

Spray foam has essentially supplanted fiberglass insulation in every possible area of building construction because of its ease of use, eco-friendliness and numerous other benefits.

What Are the Everyday Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation?

If you are a professional in the building or construction trade, more than likely, it’s no secret to you. No doubt you have already discovered the essential benefits of spray foam when insulating your buildings. However, this type of insulation even has advantages you may not have previously considered. You might be surprised at some of the additional benefits.

There’s a whole list of things when it comes to attributes associated with spray foam insulation. First, there’s the concept that spray foam insulation increases structural integrity. It is also energy-efficient, which translates to considerable savings on heating and cooling bills, and better temperature control.

Meanwhile, did you know that spray foam insulation offers superior noise control, or air and moisture protection? Additionally, there is a reduction of air from drafts and cold spots, easy application, healthier substance and more. The bonus is that end users boast of higher resale property values.

Keep Welcome Guests Comfortable and Unwanted Guests Out

Anyone who has ever had to bother with fiber insulation knows that pests can often nest and create homes in the areas where it’s applied, usually in an attic or basement. Spray foam insulation not only provides superior protection from outside bugs, mice, and other critters; it also eliminates the conditions in which mice often burrow and build their nests for the winter. This gives homeowners and building managers added peace of mind for a negligible difference in price. Why expose yourself, your family and your guests to pests when it can be avoided?

Learn More about Spray Foam Insulation

While the advantages of spray foam insulation are undeniable, it really does matter what kind of spray foam you choose. Contact Marvel Industrial Coatings today to find out more about our spray foam products and what we can do for you.