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How Should You Actually Protect Your Warehouse Floors?

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You’re a contractor called in to do some critical work at a large manufacturing plant. As you walk around with the project manager, you are first asked to look at the warehouse floors. You can’t help but notice that there are cracks in the concrete. It’s no surprise to you that the painted surfaces seemed to expand whenever moisture hit them. After all, it seems apparent that nothing has been done to protect the floors in the warehouse.

When it comes to installing warehouse floors, concrete is most often the material of choice. That said, concrete floors are best when treated with polyurea coatings. The fact is that merely painting the surface may look great in the beginning. However, it offers little when it comes to protection.

Warehouse Floors and Polyurea Coating

Consider this. Warehouse floors are built for practical purposes. In some cases, that means storage of rows and rows of massive shelves filled with merchandise. Most of the time, warehouses experience high traffic volume. This often comes in the form of forklifts and other types of machinery, as well as foot traffic. As a result, the surface is continuously subject to chipping, and other damages associated with regular wear and tear.

Here’s where polyurea coatings make things better. For one, they are durable and add strength to the concrete. Industrial coatings work on concrete to repair natural leaks as well. Since warehouse floors are built on concrete slabs, they are subject to the elements.  This means exposure to moisture and air can result in significant problems.

One of the other issues with floors that are just painted is there is a lack of skid resistance. This can create a problem when employees walk around the warehouse. When polyurea is used to coat the surface, it makes it safer. Also, concerns about accidental chemical spills are alleviated. It is easier to clean up and not worry that the chemical has seeped through the concrete.

In best case scenarios, polyurea coatings are applied when flooring is initially installed. However, it is not uncommon to repair surfaces and give them a fresh new look and stabilization. Additionally, maintenance tasks are far more manageable when using industrial coatings.

When you consult one of our Marvel Coatings representatives, you quickly learn that you are not alone in determining how to proceed. Our experts will guide you through the necessary prep work and application process.

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