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Industrial Coatings: Your Silent Partner in the World of Farming

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Just about everyone recognizes that the world of farming is critical and different than any other industry. In fact, there’s a widely repeated saying that’s become more and more relevant in recent years: “no farms, no food.” The point is that America and much of the world relies on its farms to produce food, materials for clothing and more. But, what does farming have to do with industrial coatings?

With such high stakes in play, it’s critical that farmers have the right equipment and support to get the job done and yield the most fruitful crops year after. Part of making sure you have the right equipment is ensuring that your tractors, combines, and other machinery are adequately protected. Industrial coatings can be a game-changing element in making sure your agricultural equipment is primed and ready for anything.

Maximum Protection for Year-Round Performance

Farming is a year-round job and farmers need to make sure their gear is at peak performance through all seasons. Protective coatings have many purposes, including extending life spans. When it comes to expensive farming equipment, this will save you considerable time and money.

It goes without saying. Moisture and exposure to the elements are problematic. They will attack metals and concrete surfaces year-around. However, you can avoid the long-term hazards of wear-and-tear by making sure your equipment has the right level of industrial protection. Some of the farming equipment that benefits most from this protection include backhoes and loaders, combines, plows, tractors, drills, carts, water reservoirs, harvesters and balers, all types of trailers and more.

Protecting Where You Farm and What You Farm With

Just as important as protecting your equipment is protecting the structures and buildings on your farm, itself. You want to make sure your livestock, heavy machinery, and employees are protected and comfortable during adverse weather conditions. Concrete coatings can help protect structures like garages, animal pens, barns and silos, concrete trenches and retaining walls, while polyurethane spray foams can safeguard your actual farmhouse, office, and barn.

These coatings provide resistance to extreme temperatures, reduced slipping and falling, resistance to dents and scratches and much more, but what they really offer is the peace of mind of knowing your animals are protected, your equipment is safe, and your farm is running at peak performance.

Bring Marvel on to Your Farm

You may not think about it often, but the type of coating that protects your farm equipment and structures can save you thousands of dollars and hours of time in lost productivity each year. In a climate in which more and more farms are forced to compete with each other, you can’t afford not to have the best protection available.

Marvel Industrial Coatings has been helping American farmers protect their farms for years. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.