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7 Spray-On Bed Liner Uses (Some May Blow Your Mind!)

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Spray-on bed liners have won a reputation as the go-to product type for protecting and waterproofing the bed of a pickup truck as well as safeguarding precious cargo from skidding and other related damages.

Unlike drop-in bed liners, they offer nearly impenetrable protection from rust and corrosion. However, they can serve other functions, which most of the tens of millions of truck owners nationwide rarely consider.

While the following list is hardly exhaustive, it does represent many of the alternatives spray-on bed liners can offer outside of their core purpose.

Some Use Spray-On Bed Liners for Wood Protection

Spray-on bed liner will protect virtually every type of wood. For best results, clean and dry the wooden surface thoroughly; then prep it using high-quality sandpaper like 80 grit. Homes, decks, and custom speakers are just a few of the potential areas where this method will work.

Undercoating is Another Viable Option

If you have a vehicle you take off the beaten path from time to time — think vans for camping, ATVs for off-roading — then you know how regularly rust can creep in from underneath.

Those fortunate enough to think of spray-on bed liner before this happens can just clean the area and apply. If not so lucky, go back to work with your sandpaper and clear out as much rust as you can before the application.

Experiment: Try Spray-On Bed Liners to Extend the Life of Shoes

While this option is not as obvious, some have started experimenting with spray-on bed liner on the soles of their shoes, and it stands to reason.

Spray-on does well at affixing to and protecting rubber surfaces, and what's more rubber than the soles of walking or running shoes? Just make sure to apply thoroughly and consistently to merge with the flexibility of the shoe itself.

It's Also Great for Protecting Vehicle Interiors

More ATV and truck owners have used spray-on for the interior of vehicles. Considering the dirt, grime, and moisture often tracked in through passengers and their footwear, it's a lower maintenance option when it comes time for an auto detail.

Use on Boat Hulls with Confidence

Yes, you can submerge spray-on bed liner material in water without fear of losing the bond. While results will vary depending on the quality of the product and application, users have reported positive results on wooden, aluminum, and fiberglass surfaces.

Do the Whole Truck

The rise of all-over spray-on bed liner use has gained national attention. Truck owners swearing by this approach preferred it for aesthetic reasons — heavy-duty look, paint job protection — as well as the belief it helped to preserve resale value.

While a cost in the thousands of dollars prevents it from being adopted widely, it continues to garner enthusiasm from those who choose to do it.

And Finally, Consider Spray-On Your First Choice in Replacing Old or Worn-Out Bed Liners

Not all bed liners are created equal. They can break down or allow leaks that bring about rust and corrosion, further eating away at the overall integrity of the vehicle. Truck owners have chosen Marvel Industrial Coating's high-quality Armadillo brand to undo and guard against such cases.

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