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Traditional Containment Solutions: How to Make Improvements

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There are many reasons you could be responsible for a primary or secondary containment project. For example, it might be that your company ships large cargo containers overseas. Meanwhile, you might be involved in traditional containment solutions due to your work on an oil rig. Whatever the case, you undoubtedly understand how important protection is to when it comes to any type of containment.

Truth be told, leaks and cracks can have disastrous consequences for your crew, the environment, and your business’ bottom line. Unfortunately, there’s more. You also come to quickly realize just how inflexible and imperfect traditional coatings can be in a few respects. To add to everything else, you are worried that you could face problems with the government.

Most important, is keeping the contents of your containers sealed and insulated. Fortunately, there are more and more customized solutions to help you maximize the strength of your coating and ensure the successful containment of your contents, no matter what they might be.

Polyurea: A Versatile and Effective Containment Solution

When used for primary or secondary containment, traditional coatings are not ideal. For instance, they have often proven to be inflexible and not sufficiently elastic to accommodate ground, concrete or metal substrate movement. This can often lead to cracks or holes, which can compromise containment.

So, what can be done? One of the most effective solutions to this issue has been the development of monolithic coatings like polyurea. Professionals in a variety of industries, including engineers, contractors, and building managers are learning just how useful and versatile polyurea can be in their primary and secondary containment needs. One of the game-changing elements about polyurea is that it can effectively crack as small as a 1/8 of an inch.

The Word is Out

As the flexibility, strength, and permanence of polyurea become more and more recognized, more and more manufacturers are pre-applying it to their products. This means that installers need only apply the coatings to cracks and openings when sealing their containers or performing other tasks.

As a result, more and more containment companies are discovering the versatility and user-friendly advantages of polyurea and choosing it over traditional coatings such as epoxies, tars, and polyurethanes. The latter can often be inflexible when cured and can crack along with the concrete. Polyurea is an easy spray-on solution that offers superior hardness, tensile strength and crack-sealing for containers and facilities.

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