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Warning! Are Your Marine Vessels in Danger of Corrosion?

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Marine vessels are expensive and designed to last for a long time. However, that doesn’t mean they can withstand the elements. Without question, the danger of corrosion is very real. Fortunately, there’s something that can be done about it.

When it comes to ocean journeys, saltwater imposes even more of a need for added protection. Large yachts, fishing boats and larger vessels all have the same concern. High winds may also permeate surfaces and subject them to corrosion.

Meanwhile, there are other structures associated with waterways that benefit from the application of polyurea coating. Docking areas are subject to deterioration, as are barges, bridges, and tunnels.

The development of MarvelShield included efforts designed to protect surfaces in a marine environment.  The product acts as a sealant and creates a hard surface. It is also ideal for subsea equipment.

Fight Corrosion

Finding the right anti-corrosion product is critical when it comes to protection. For one, the substance must have the ability to adhere to both concrete and steel structures. MarvelShield passes the test with its 100% solids, 100% polyurea coatings formula.

How does corrosion occur on marine vessels? Water added to steel or any type of metal results in corrosion. Additionally, the salt in sea spray makes things worse. Extreme weather can also cause cracks in the surface and add to further deterioration. Oxidation, often referred to as rust, is a chemical reaction that creates problems.

In some cases, MarvelShield is applied to newly constructed vessels or docking areas.  However, the durable polyurea coating serves as an excellent solution to rehabbing boats of all sizes. It is both an abrasion and chemical resistant coating.

What else is important when applying polyurea coatings in a marine environment? In some cases, a non-slip texture will prove valuable in walking areas. For sure, weatherproofing and resistance to salt water are critical. Meanwhile, you need the confidence that the products you use for protection are also heat and weather resistant.

MarvelShield is a spray-on polyurea coating that fits into small crevices to ensure protection. Additionally, the product is quite flexible and two-component polyurea elastomer. The fact that it both sets and cures fast is a definite benefit. You won’t have to worry about long waiting times to put the structure back into use.

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