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Polyurea: A Strong and Amazing Ally to Our Military

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There is no shortage of heroes in the ranks of our armed forces. Without a doubt, every branch of the service is fueled by dedicated patriots. Meanwhile, the military is backed up by another strong and amazing ally that does some invaluable background work. In fact, polyurea is a silent partner, but a tenacious one.

In an environment where strength, durability, and reliability of infrastructure is essential to success, polyurea coatings offer superior, discreet and invisible protection and insulation in the everyday life of our active military personnel. If you’re a defense contractor or military equipment manufacturer, you can’t help but want polyurea coatings on your side.

Your Ally in the Field

The next time you hear a tank fire, feel the warmth of an insulated barracks or consider the strength of the body armor our military relies on every day, you can thank polyurea in some part. For starters, the government and defense industry relies on specially-created polyurea compounds to line protect canon and gun barrels. Additionally, protective coatings maximize the strength and durability of body armor and insulate military installations for maximum warmth.

What else makes polyurea so amazing? Versatility is key. For example, it can be applied to various surfaces including concrete, steel, fiberglass, and aluminum. Meanwhile, polyurea offers the perfect balance of strength and flexibility. It promotes structural integrity and superior impact resistance and keeps our military safe and comfortable under extreme circumstances.

All things considered, protection is crucial when it comes to human lives. Adding strength to equipment is therefore critical. Equally important, is providing sealants to storage tanks to prevent leakage.

When Protection Counts the Most

Polyurea coatings often represent a viable line of defense against equipment breakdown in the field when it matters most. These specialized compounds make military vehicles resistant to gunfire, mine blasts, IEDs and other harmful threats. When you’re engaged in active combat, the last thing you want is for the results to be decided by the lack of integrity and strength of your resources. If you’re a defense contractor, your customers are not only the military but also every American under its protection. How your products are built, how long they last and how they perform are of the utmost importance.

Get Protection from the Best

Marvel Industrial Coatings has developed a variety of specialized polyurea compounds approved for military use through a number of applications. We take our commitment to our military clients incredibly seriously, and we are committed to offering defense contractors the most durable protection for their products. Contact our experienced and qualified professionals to learn more about our customized protective coating options. We look forward to hearing from you.