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Why We Love Spray Foam Insulation (And You Should, Too!)

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You already know that you have a few choices when it comes to insulation. Of course, you could go with cellulose or fiberglass batts. However, neither will match what you get when you use spray foam insulation. From installation to the end result, there just is no comparison.

Cost is often cited as a factor when it comes to contractors who prefer fiberglass or cellulose. While that might be true when it comes to product pricing, there’s another consideration. In the end, spray foam insulation cuts down on heating and air conditioning expenses. The bottom line is that spray foam is the best solution to stopping air leakage.

There are some other reasons that spray foam insulation works best. Throughout the country, it meets the expectations of many building codes. International Building Code (IBC), International Residential Code (IRC) and International Energy Efficiency Code (IECC) all reference the use of polyurea-based products for insulation. Additionally, state and local officials consider spray foam insulation as an asset.

Why Use Spray Foam Insulation?

In order to understand the benefits of spray foam, it helps to understand the differences in other types of insulation. For sure, your client base will recognize the value of insulation but may express concerns about the cost of spray foam insulation.

Here’s an outstanding visual that you might pass on to your customer. All things considered, clients want the best of both worlds. When you use fiberglass or cellulose-based products, you are dealing with a product that allows air to seep out. For example, a woman who wears a pair of heavy tights will feel warmer than one who wears fishnet stockings. The latter is filled with holes and offers no protection.

In the meantime, spray foam offers flexibility when it comes to installation. You don’t have to worry about cutting fiberglass to size. Instead, you have the benefit of creating thermal insulation by spraying it in every nook and cranny. You won’t have to fear that you weren’t able to measure precisely or left places vulnerable to air seepage. Additionally, spray foam insulation will not move out of place.

Depending on the type of spray foam insulation you use, you will experience other benefits. For example, open-cell spray foam will protect against air leakage. However, it will not keep out moisture. Closed-cell spray foam shields against moisture and the potential for mold. Fiberglass insulation will likely be ruined if it gets wet.

We Love Spray Foam Insulation

At Marvel Coatings, we love spray foam insulation. Our customers tell us that it is a great product and helps gain them increased appreciation on job sites. Have questions concerning how spray foam can work for you? Give us a call!