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How to Avoid Worst Case Scenarios in Secondary Containment

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You may already have your own worst-case scenario played out in your head. For starters, you know the end goal of secondary containment. It’s in place to capture spills or leaks. No doubt one of your primary concerns is the integrity of your systems. That’s where industrial coatings can protect you against prospective nightmare scenes.

The purpose of secondary containment is to catch the overflow of hazardous materials. For the oil and gas industry, a major spill during a secondary containment project almost always means horrific consequences. As a result, the federal government has rules in place when a leak or spill could cause environmental harm. This is true for gas, oil, and chemical containment. Meanwhile, wastewater plants also need to evaluate risks. Secondary containment is not optional; it is mandated.

All things considered, not just any type of secondary containment will do. Without question, the structure itself must be strong and durable. In many cases, bulk storage tanks are constructed of concrete. However, steel wall systems are also used in secondary containment.

Polyurea and Secondary Containment

Industrial coatings work well in secondary containment. In fact, polyurea is well respected in the industry for a number of reasons. When sprayed in storage tanks, it seals concrete or steel to provide added protection. The fact that polyurea has elasticity is yet another bonus.

How does polyurea differ from other applications? For one, there are no concerns about cracking. This is particularly relevant as temperatures lower throughout the country. Additionally, polyurea also creates a barrier against factors that could cause corrosion. Of course, snow, ice, and rain can all cause harm. As a result of ill-protected secondary containment, hazardous materials could be released into the waterways or soil.

Polyurea is sprayed in as a liner and may be applied at the time of construction. Notwithstanding, some facilities use industrial coatings to rehab existing structures. There is no comparison when it comes to choosing between paint or polymer based coatings. The latter is well known for the hard shell it creates.

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