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Insulating Your Detached Garage

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Are you a homeowner with an older detached garage unit? Do you use your detached garage as a work office, home gym, or some other resourceful space? Then the experts at Marvel Industrial Coatings have some useful information for you to keep in mind.

If you are using your detached garage on a daily or semi-regular basis, you need to consider insulating it; especially with Marvel’s spray foam insulation. Our product, or insulating your garage in general, is the perfect solution for keeping that area warm and safe from the outside elements. That’s not the only benefit of insulating your detached garage either:

  • Increased Structural Integrity

  • Less Outside Noise

  • Energy Efficient

  • Temperature Control

  • Air & Vapor Barrier

  • Reduced Drafts & Cold Spots

  • Higher Property Resale Value

  • Fewer Allergens, Bugs, and Moisture

This is what Marvel’s spray foam insulation can do for you, whether it’s your home gym or man cave. You don’t need your workout and lifting equipment rusting because of moisture seeping in from the outside. If you have any electronics in an uninsulated detached garage unit, you might have problems too. Very cold temperatures can affect your technology if left untended for a set amount of time. That’s why you will need to insulate this unit of your property!

Did we mention insulating this area of your home can save you money? If you’re heating the detached garage, our spray foam insulation will decrease your heating bills. It is estimated that 20% to 30% of air is lost in homes due to leaks and holes. The same thing can be said about the detached garage. You shouldn’t have to be spending that money if you aren’t even using that area 24/7. That’s why insulating with Marvel is your best option.

Garages aren’t always known as the cleanest and healthiest areas of a property either. Using spray foam insulation in your garage will help prevent mold from getting in. Mold can aggravate people living with asthma and causes sneezing, congestion, and coughing in those allergic to mold spores.

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When it comes to deciding on what to do next with your detached garage unit, think about how you can improve it to benefit your home and property. At Marvel, we have the right remedy for your insulation issues. Contact our experts today!