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Serving the Industrial Coating Needs of Companies of All Sizes

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From David to Goliath, companies of all sizes have industrial coating needs. Just because you run a small operation, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to give your customers maximum protection and peace of mind on the products and services. Whether you’re a minor septic or waste-water management company in the Midwest or a Fortune 500 military defense contractor, Marvel Industrial Coatings offers the equipment, knowledge, and resources to help you get it all done.

Since our inception, Marvel Coatings has strived to combine the resources of the largest global industrial coating dealers with the boutique customer service approach of a mom-and-pop shop. This approach has enabled us to achieve considerable growth throughout our years in business.

Our Success Is Your Success

Most often, your ability to get the job done is often predicated on our ability to produce quality industrial coating solutions. This is true when it comes to a number of projects. For example, you could be in charge of a crew installing pipe for a municipality’s water supply. Meanwhile, your responsibilities might include overseeing a secondary-containment project for an oil or gas company. Perhaps you are charged with reinstalling water meters or manholes

The bottom line is that you need and deserve the most durable and reliable products in a timely fashion. All things considered, you need a vendor that offers confidence. Marvel Coatings excels in supplying our customers with the tools, support, and guidance they need to effectively serve their customers. After all, the ultimate goal is not only the successful completion of projects but also continued growth.

Every Industrial Coatings Customer Is An Opportunity

Marvel Coatings is proud to serve the industrial coating needs of companies in practically every industry. Our wide range of clients gives us an opportunity to learn something new, establish new partnerships and come up with customized solutions. If a customer needs a product that we don’t carry in our inventory, we offer customized chemical compounds to provide strength, durability and often a more alluring finish.

Marvel Coatings prides itself on anticipating and meeting each customer’s individual needs, no matter what the size and scope of the project may be. You and your customers deserve the best and most reliable protection, no matter what.

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Don’t think that because you’re a small or medium-sized company that you can’t maximize protection. Our client base includes small body shops, as well as municipalities, and sizeable multi-billion dollar businesses.

Marvel Industrial Coatings is ready to partner with your company to successfully achieve your goals through quality, proactive and affordable industrial coating solutions. Contact our sales representatives today to find out more about what we can do for you and your business. We look forward to hearing from you.