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Insulating Your Crawl Space with Spray Foam

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Are you tired of having cold feet walking around your home? Marvel Industrial Coatings’ spray foam insulation is the quick fix you need to resolve the problem of frozen toes. How you make ask? By insulating your home’s crawl space(s).

What? That doesn’t make sense. Yes, it does! Cold floors are one of the most common indicators that you need to insulate or reinsulate your home’s crawl spaces. When air is moving on top of the floor above a crawl space and that space isn’t sealed, the cold air will spread throughout the space. The warmer air in your home keeps the cooler air lower to the ground. In many cases, a crawl space is as low as the air can go, making it the coldest.

The cold air moving around in your home’s crawl spaces can also spread to other places too. That is why you can feel those cold drafts coming up from the bottom of walls throughout your house. Using our spray foam insulation can eliminate those problems from occurring, especially during the winter.

Aside from eliminating frostbitten toes and feet, using spray foam insulation in your home’s crawl spaces can lower your energy bills. Having cold or freezing air in a crawl space is one of the leading causes of frozen and bursting pipes too.

Two Ways to Insulate your Crawl Space

Insulating your home’s crawl spaces might sound like it can only be done one way, but there are actually two ways to get the job done.

You can either use our spray foam insulation in your home’s crawl space walls or underneath your floors. To determine which area to insulate depends on where your furnace or heat ducts are in regards to the crawl space. If no internal heating source like that exists in your home, insulating underneath your floor is the better option.

Choose Marvel

We care about keeping you and your loved ones warm and safe inside your home. Don’t let cold feet or frozen pipes have you thinking about moving into another home. You just need an upgrade to a spray foam solution.

That’s where we come in. If you are thinking about insulating your home’s crawl spaces, make sure to go with the best company to install it safely and properly. That choice is Marvel. Contact a member of our team today for more information.