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Winter Is Here: Make Sure Your Trucks are Protected

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Winter is officially here, and thus far, it has shown no signs of letting up soon. Whether you’re on the East Coast or Midwest, you’re absolutely feeling old man winter’s icy wrath. Even states like the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida are experiencing a trail of ice and salt. Without a doubt, you need to make sure your trucks are protected.

One of the most immediate casualties of the winter’s harsh run-off is the exterior of our cars and trucks. Anyone with a pickup truck who has ever had their bed liner unprotected during the dead of winter knows how quickly corrosion can rear its ugly head. At the very least, winter’s worst calls for immediate installation of a spray-on liner.

Truck Bedliners Offer Protection

All things considered, it might be as simple as making sure the bed of your pick-up looks brand new. However, you may be in charge of a fleet of vehicles, including some heavy equipment. Winter’s wear and tear can do a real number on lessening to the life of trucks and construction vehicles.

Marvel Industrial Coatings offers a strong solution, with Armadillo truck bed liners. Consequently, the hard-shell protection is provided to businesses in a variety of fields. In fact, the list of those taking advantage of this great product includes auto dealerships, body shops, truck accessories and shops, suppliers and warehouses. Add to that any company with a fleet of trucks or heavy equipment vehicles.

Offering superior protection and all-weather durability, Armadillo represents the best and highest-quality materials to give customers peace of mind and maximum assurance. The chemical formulation used in an Armadillo Liner has the highest level of impact, abrasion, and corrosion resistance on the market. Unlike some other spray-on liners, you can count on Marvel to protect your vehicle with a finish that is fade-resistant and that comes in a variety of colors to fit your truck’s aesthetic.

Quality Engineering and Protection

You may be wondering precisely what distinguishes Armadillo liners from similar products on the market. When you rely on an Armadillo liner, you’re investing in superior protection, including:

  • Better Physical Properties

  • Better UV Stability

  • Better Adhesion

  • Better Impact Resistance

  • Better Quality

Marvel offers expert installation and reliable assistance to make sure your bed liner provides optimum protection. No more fighting with unreliable spray liners or drop in liners that move out of place. Let us give you the best value for your dollar and keep your customers safe and protected.

A Liner for All Seasons

Armadillo protective liners go beyond pickup truck bed liners. This brand is recognized throughout the world due to its superior performance, durability, and versatility. If you’re looking to become an Armadillo Liners dealer, our experienced and qualified professionals will help walk you through the process so you can give your customers or your fleet the quality protection they deserve and start reaping the benefits of a partnership with this legendary and respected brand.

Contact Marvel Industrial Coatings today to get all the information and insight you need on Armadillo Spray-on bed liners. We look forward to helping you.