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When You Need Surface Protection Against Destructive Chemicals

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You’re in an industry that is subject to a great deal of chemical exposure. No doubt you are concerned that the chemicals are caustic or acidic, and thus, destructive. Therefore, surface protection is a priority.

For example, let’s say that your company uses spill containment products. Without question, you are worried about what corrosive chemicals can do to any of your storage units. You need to ensure that you have surface protection so that your tanks and drums do not get destroyed. Additionally, you don’t want the threat of hazardous materials leaking into the environment.

Marvel Industrial Coatings addresses this type of situation with MarvelShield Extreme Chemical. In the long run, it well may be the ultimate elastic spray coating system to protect concrete and steel surfaces against advanced chemical attack.

Surface Protection and Polymer Coatings

When we say industrial coatings, we are specifically referring to polymer coatings. As you may know, a polymer is a combination of resins and plastics. It has several qualities that are ideal when it comes to surface protection, including:

  • Elasticity – Stretch adds to adaptability of product

  • Strength – Polymer coatings are durable

  • Damage Protection – Shields against corrosion from acids, solvents, and caustics

All things considered, polymer coatings are ideal because of their resistance to both polar and acidic aqueous media. This is important when it comes to the transport and containment of such substances as crude oil, as well as hydrochloric acid, and salt brine. Meanwhile, when used in conjunction with containment, the protection against many chemicals is invaluable.

One of the most significant challenges of concrete containment is that the surface will crack. Polymer coatings ensure that the surface is impermeable. As a result, your mind can be put at ease and dedicated to other parts of your industry’s needs.

Abrasion Protection

Meanwhile, you may be concerned about abrasion protection. Surface wear and tear can cause a number of issues. Of course, it’s much more than the question of unsightliness. More than likely, you know that abrasions can threaten the integrity of some infrastructures. One of the best examples is the impact that abrasions can have on concrete tunnels.

Marvelshield Extreme Abrasion uses polyurea to add hardness and tensile strength to the surface to protect against abrasions. Additionally, many use it to add a protective surface to cargo surfaces and earth moving equipment. In particular, Marvelshield Extreme Abrasion works well when continual loading and unloading may potentially compromise the substrate.

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The bottom line is that Marvel Coatings has a number of products that are used in surface protection. We understand that you may have questions. Give us a call!