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Is Your House Prepared for Winter?

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Are you thinking about insulating your home this winter? Well, you better prepare fast. Spray foam insulation can be dependent upon the temperature. Not to worry, the formula of the proper sprayed polyurethane foam mixture can be applied at any time. However, you should consider insulating your home now, in order to keep you and your family warm, safe, and healthy during the coldest months.

Why should you add spray foam insulation to your home now instead of later? There are multiple benefits including:

  • Saving Money

  • Saving Energy

  • Improving Air Quality

  • Improving Overall Home Comfort

There are negative side effects if your home isn’t properly insulated too, especially on someone’s health. When exposed to colder than normal temperatures, your body loses more heat than can be produced. Your body can reach an abnormally low body temperature, which will start to affect the way blood flows around your body. Experiencing hypothermia is the worst-case scenario when dealing with colder temperatures over an extended amount of time.

If you have a newborn child or elders living in your home, providing spray foam insulation would be best for their overall health. Young children and older adults are affected more by colder temperatures compared to others.

Insulating your home with spray foam this winter, won’t just the benefit your home from the cold weather, it will help your home for months and years to come. And, if your curious where you should start insulating your house during the winter, all you have to do is look up.

Heat rises, while colder air falls. If your attic or higher rooms of your home aren’t insulted, the warmer air will escape through unsealed cracks and crevices. If you seal those unsealed areas of your home with spray foam, you help lower your heating bill too. How? It traps all that heat it in. Instead of escaping, the warmer air circulates around your home. Therefore, the need to crank up your furnace all the time decreases significantly.

According to a report, people who weatherize their home (including using spray foam insulation) lower their monthly utility bills by 20%

Why Should You Choose Marvel?

Marvel Industrial Coatings has risen to the top of the spray foam market because of our commitment to quality, service and customer satisfaction. We offer the best equipment, schooling and support you need to make your insulation project hassle-free and cost-effective, regardless the time of year.

When you’re building or fixing up a home, or renovating a business, don’t settle for anything but the best. Contact Marvel today to learn more about what we can do for you.