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Do You Really Know the Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation?

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Our products are internationally distributed. However, that’s not to say we’re not in touch with our home base. Here in Houston, we’re firsthand witnesses to Hurricane Harvey’s devastation. In fact, we know that the benefits of spray foam insulation will prove paramount in remediation efforts.

However, spray foam insulation is everywhere. Are you in the Northeast? Take a look around you. If you’re standing in an indoor space, there’s a good chance that the building you’re currently occupying is heated by spray foam insulation.

More and more commercial and residential builders are counting on spray foam to make their spaces more comfortable for occupants. All things considered, it is a clean, easy and lower-maintenance alternative to fiberglass. Additionally, it combats moisture and the formation of mold.

Marvel Industrial Coating is proud to help our partners in the building world leverage this diverse and useful product. We strive to offer a more durable and longer-lasting spray foam than other manufacturers and are ready to help you experience the difference.

Open Cell Versus Closed Cell Spray Foam

The two primary types of spray foam insulation are designated as “open cell” and “closed cell.” The difference between these two kinds of the foam is their density. This difference in density can come with its own set of challenges and advantages, depending upon the specific application process. Closed cell spray foam has a higher density and is more common than closed cell.

Advantages of Open Cell:

  • Sound Barrier

  • Mold Resistant

  • Reduces Energy Costs

  • Uses Less Resources

  • Soft and Spongy


Advantages of Closed Cell:

  • Low-Temperature Application

  • Higher Tensile Strength

  • Vapor Barrier

  • Air Barrier

  • More Compact

In our experience, construction contractors review building plans to determine whether open cell and closed cell is more appropriate. Many turn to our technical support team for assistance in the decision-making process.

Primary Advantages of Spray Foam

As you might surmise, spray foam has become the standard in commercials and residential insulation. Among the top reasons it is considered advisable for use are:

  • Increased Structural Integrity

  • Heating & Cooling Savings

  • Less Outside Noise

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Temperature Control

  • Air & Vapor Barrier

  • Drafts & Cold Spots Reduction

  • Higher Property Resale Value

  • Fewer Allergens, Bugs, and Moisture

  • Recommended for HVAC Ducts

  • Great for Vented and Unvented Attics

  • Highly Suggested for Foundations, Crawlspaces and Cold Storage Units

No matter what kind of sealing or insulation you require, spray foam is most likely the answer.
Contact Us Today for the Best Spray Foam Experience

Marvel Industrial Coatings has ascended to the top of the spray foam market because of our commitment to quality, service and customer satisfaction. We offer the equipment, schooling and support you need to make your insulation project easy, hassle-free and cost-effective.

When you’re building or renovating a structure in which someone is going to live, work or raise their family, don’t settle for anything but the best. Contact Marvel today to learn more about what we can do for you and your company.