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Winter is Coming. Is Your Vehicle Prepared?

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With Thanksgiving next week and Christmas only a month away, it's a stark reminder that winter is just around the corner. Although the weather in Houston might not get as bad as it does in the northern parts of the United States, that doesn't mean we don't see our share of awful weather at this time of the year. And you want to be prepared for the harsh elements. But how?

The best way to do that is to get a polyurea coating for your vehicle. Not only will it look great, but it will prepare you for the worst that Mother Nature can throw at you. See how.

Protection From the Weather

According to news reports, many parts of the country are in for a very wet winter. Whether it's a rainy one or filled with snow, you know know that your truck will be protected from the damage water can do. As many of us know, when it rains, the paint on your vehicle will absorb the rain and gets into the steel beneath. And what happens after that? That's right, rust and corrosion.

But with weather coating, you won't have to worry about that happening. The chemicals used in our polyurea coatings are water resistant. So instead of water seeping into the metal, it will repel the water and just sit harmlessly on top of the surface of your vehicle.

Now let's talk about hail and the wind. On particularly windy days, dirt and debris can fly around and get into your truck bed. This force of the impact could scratch or even dent your truck bed. But, if you have a spray-on bedliner, the debris and even golf ball-size hail will bounce harmlessly off your truck bed. No worries of damage here!

And don't forget, our polyurea coatings are chemical resistant. As we all know, the anti-skip material used on the roads can cause some serious damage to your vehicle's paint job. But that's one worry you can forget thanks to a weather coating from Marvel!

But what if you're one of the lucky ones who live in the sunshine during the winter months? Then you should know the constant sunlight exposure can really cause some damage to your vehicle's paint. The constant sun and hot days can oxidate your paint job, causing it to fade and making your vehicle look old before its time. But the best part about your weather coating is that it has UV protection. There's no worry of fading or discoloring -- in fact, your truck bed will probably still look new long after the rest of the vehicle doesn't!

So if you need to protect your vehicle from the winter, you should consider an Armadillo Liner from Marvel Industrial Coatings. Call your nearest dealer today or contact us for more information.