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Why Do You Need a Spray-On Bedliner?

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Maybe you're just not convinced that you need to spend the money on a spray-on bedliner. Or you don't use your truck for work -- you just drive it for fun! So why do you need to add a bedliner?

You may not realize this, but the bedliner of your truck is probably the most abused part of your truck. Even hauling a simple box could cause damage. And you want to protect your investment. You spent a lot of money on it after all!

But why spend the money on a spray-on bedliner? Here are a few reasons.

Protecting Your Investment

We all know the benefits of having a bedliner for your truck.  These coatings are waterproof, impact resistant, and look great. It will last a long time and withstand a lot of abuse. They are chemical resistant and will prevent corrosion and rust from forming. And with an array of colors, they look great!

But did you know that a spray-on bedliner could also increase the value of your truck? It's true --  many popular car sales guides such as Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book, and NADA state that a spray-on bedliner like Marvel Coatings' Armadillo Liners can improve the value of your vehicle between $50 and $100 (although some have seen a $400 return per the NADA). Wow!

Hassle Free Results

Now we've spoken before about the differences between drop-in and spray-on liners. Drop-ins are easy to install and are less expensive than spray-ons. Although drop-in liners are more reasonable for your budget, they can cost you in the long run. They can easily trap water between the liner and the bed, potentially leading to rust and corrosion. Plus, a drop-in bedliner can create a noise problem at high speeds because of factors like wind and vibration.

Yes, a spray-on liner is a more expensive version. But it's money well spent. You will never have to worry about replacing it down the road. No worries of vibrations from the road or water damage.

They Just Look Great!

There is always a worry about how the color can stand up in the harshest of environments. You have nothing to worry about! Armadillo Liners are built to last. Think of it as a hard shell that acts as a barrier. Our spray-on bedliner is not only tough, it is waterproof and resistant to UV light. This means that an Armadillo Liner will prevent water from damaging your vehicle. It also means that even with your vehicle being in constant sunlight, your color will not fade or turn yellow over time. It will be just as bright and pretty as the day it was first sprayed on your vehicle!

Don't Wait! Get an Armadillo Liner Today!

So if you want your vehicle to continue to look great, improve its resale value and protect it from the elements, the choice of what bedliner to go with should be simple. Armadillo Liners will protect and make your vehicle shine. Contact us today to find a dealer near you.