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Learn the Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

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Spray foam insulation is a housing insulation option that offers multiple benefits. Families and home owners are using it more than ever. Why? Because spray foam offers unique benefits unlike its competitors. Once sprayed into your home’s walls, the foam expands between 30 and 100 times its original volume to completely fill every nook and cranny.


Spray foam insulation is a(n):

Powerful Insulator

Spray foam insulations works much better than other types of insulation. It might be more expensive than those other types, but it’s worth the cost in the long run. This type of insulation fills in all the places that the others don’t.

Spray foam’s ability to provide an airtight seal is its highest selling point, making it the highest-ranking solution on the market.

Fire Retardant

If a fire were to occur in your home, spray foam insulation would slow the spread of the potential fire. In fact, spray foam acts a class 1 fire retardant.

Energy Saver

As discussed in the first benefit, spray foam works as a powerful insulator. This keeps your energy expenses down. Spray foam has shown to provide energy savings of 50% in most home. Energy Star estimates around 20% to 30% of air is lost in the home due to leaks and holes.

Sound Barrier

This type of insulation can also act as a great sound barrier. The spray foam can keep noise levels down between rooms, while lowering some of the outside noise. Afraid the television show you're watching will wake the children? With spray foam insulation, that shouldn't even be a concern.

Mold Deterrent

Spray foam insulation is comprised of an inert polymer that provides no source of food for bacteria. In Layman’s terms, this foam insulation does not allow mold to grow. The fact that spray foam insulation is water resistant (a benefit in itself) also leads to a deterrent of mold.

These are just a few of the benefits that spray foam insulation offer to your home. It’s something that should be highly considered if you’re looking to save money or protect your loved ones from unbeknownst dangers of the world.

One can add spray foam insulation to existing walls. There is no need to tear down any wall. Just placing a small hole will allow for the spray foam to insulate your home; adding all the previous mentioned benefits.

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