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The Fundamentals of Using Coatings to Combat Corrosion

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Here’s an interesting analogy.  Corrosion is a sort of cancer.  Once it starts, it seems to spread and eat away at surrounding surfaces.   However, there is good news.  Coatings can actually provide protection to halt the threat of corrosion.

More than likely, you already have some concept of what constitutes corrosion.  It is often associated with metal products and rust.  It’s not just that products turn an ugly color.  Moreover, the fact that the surface seems to peel away is more of a warning.  The truth is that corrosion can result in deterioration.

The wearing down of surfaces is a critical matter.   On a large scale, you might think of how severely corrosion could affect a colossal bridge that carries traffic over water.   A few years ago, a news article cited issues the San Francisco Bay Bridge was experiencing with rust.  Apparently, exposure to the elements caused some significant concerns.  The problem involved corrosion to seismic anchor bolts and exposed anchorages.   One can easily imagine the harm that could occur had the deterioration resulted in collapse.

That’s just one example of how industrial coatings can be used to save tragedy.  Water is only one issue when it comes to corrosion.  There’s also the potential that certain chemical exposures can cause structures to weaken.

Anti-Corrosion and Industrial Coatings

Although corrosion is typically associated with metal products, the term can also be used in associated with other materials.  For example, concrete and plastic can also degrade as a result of some types of exposure.  The good news is that industrial coatings are useful in defending against deterioration.

Polyurea is well respected for its protective properties.  It creates a shell-like outer coating that forms a strong resistance.  Not only does it act to safeguard water infiltration, but it also provides a barrier from chemical penetration.   Additionally, one other benefit of industrial coatings is the way they add strength to surface areas.

Safety is obviously a reason to fight against corrosion.  It’s not just bridges that can collapse.  In the marine industry, industrial coatings are crucial to protecting the integrity of all size ships.  Plants of all sizes may experience shutdowns as a result of corroded equipment.

Danger and appearance aren’t the only concerns when it comes to corrosion.  Anti-corrosive coatings save companies money and time.  They may avoid replacement of expensive products and contribute to efficiency.

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No matter what industry you are in, corrosion can be a major concern.  Contact Marvel Coatings to find out how to protect against this significant threat.  We will provide you with suggestions that best meet your application!