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The Bottom Line on Becoming a Marvel Coatings Dealer

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When it comes down to it, just about everybody is in business to provide services. And, of course, to make a profit. If you’re a body shop or some other type of company, you may farm out your spray-on liners. It could be that you don’t presently have the volume of business. However, truth be told, you could find that becoming a Marvel Coatings dealer will dramatically change your opportunities.

Marvel Industrial Coatings is considered one of the most trusted and dependable allies to businesses all over the country in a variety of industries. We pride ourselves on being the “men behind the curtain,” offering the protection that you don’t often think about until something costly or catastrophic happens. In many ways, it’s that we offer the proverbial ounce of prevention. Adding our Armadillo liner products to your list of services will put you out front and center.

Our legacy has endured because of our unwavering commitment to quality, customer service, and the cultivation of more and more business relationships. We suspect you don’t need much coaching on the benefits of spray-on bedliners. We’ll gladly show you how becoming a Marvel dealer could increase your bottom line.

Industrial coatings offer big business opportunities. As part of the Marvel network of dealers, you not only get the benefit of our good name. We also provide you with technical support and guidance concerning marketing this new part of your service offerings. So, why else should you consider joining the Marvel Coatings family?

Superior Coatings Products and More

Most people find that superior bedliners are synonymous with our business identity. That’s because Marvel is committed to living up to our name. For us, that means delivering the highest standards of quality and excellence with each and every product. We take great pride in our reputation. We expect our dealers to do the same.

As a dealer or body shop, you should be able to convince your customers of the benefits of installing bed liners. For some, it will be the appeal of the glossy new finish. Others will “marvel” at the waterproofing properties. Anyone who has a drop-in liner will absolutely recognize the differences. At the very least, they will be thrilled at the prospect of no more cracks in the liner.

We offer inventory to accommodate the needs of practically any business, from the small start-up to the multimillion-dollar company. Start your business off right by providing the right kind of products. Your customers will appreciate it. And, financing is available to make the addition easier.

Next-Level Training and Support

While you may have done your homework on our products and services, there are still questions that may need answers. Marvel offers expert training regarding the full capabilities and operations of our inventory and ongoing support should your customers have any additional issues that you can’t answer. We want our partners to be comfortable, assured and educated regarding the uses and design of our products. The reality is that your success is our success and the more confident you are, the better. We send our techs and training professionals right to your location. Additional training and support are available at our facility at no extra charge.

Call Us to Get Started

The process of becoming a Marvel Coatings dealer begins by contacting one of our experienced and knowledgeable sales representatives. We look forward to doing business with you and discussing your company’s needs. Let’s get to work.