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Marvel Industrial Coatings: Your Partner in the Workplace

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Your business has many silent partners in the workplace. More than likely, it starts with the tools you use on a daily basis. It also includes the machines you operate. Even your company’s infrastructure is a crucial part of your corporate identity. All things considered, Marvel Industrial Coatings is also proud to be a fixture in the workplace for businesses all over the country.

How exactly does Marvel Coatings partner with our customers? We are there as our end-users assemble their products, insulate their properties and endeavor to increase their bottom line. Companies in a wide array of industries depend on industrial coatings in their day-to-day operations.

Of course, it’s not just that our coatings make it into select businesses. For some consumers, coatings play a part as far as protecting their vehicles or insulating their homes.

Whether you’re using our products to assemble and finish your goods and/or you’re building homes and depending on our insulation for an air-tight seal, we’re here for you. What follows is a list of industries that Marvel Coatings has partnered with to provide superior customer satisfaction.

Serving a Wide Range of Fields

Throughout our many years in business, we’ve been fortunate enough to serve clients in a diverse variety of fields, including but not limited to:

  • Oil and Gas – We are proud to partner with some of the largest and most reputable oil companies in the world. Our products have become synonymous with safety, efficiency, and quality. Marvel provides customized solutions, whether you need full-scale infrastructure or sealant for your pipeline.

  • Agriculture – Marvel is pleased to be a part of the collective agricultural machine the feeds America and other parts of the world every We are here to prolong the life of your tractors, storage units, barns, floors and other farm equipment to keep your costs down and our farm running at optimal efficiency.

  • Building and Construction – Insulation is what makes a home inhabitable. It provides warmth, keeps out moisture and turns a house into a comfortable, warm and safe home. Marvel Coatings provides the highest-quality insulation for residential and commercial buildings. Whether you need to coat structural beams with our industrial grade polyurea or insulate a home with foam insulation, we have the products, equipment, and knowledge to get you spraying.

  • Original Equipment Manufacturing – When you want to be sure that the products your business is manufacturing are safe, durable and protected, there’s no better ally than Marvel. Original Equipment Manufacturers across the globe have placed their trust in Marvel Industrial Coating’s product lines.

Bring Marvel into Your Workplace

Whatever industry your company operates in, we will be glad to demonstrate how Marvel’s products or services are right for your application. Contact us today to see what our team can do for you and your business.