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Spray-Foam Insulation Safety: An Important Perspective

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No doubt you’ve already heard some of the great things about spray-foam insulation. You’ve heard the accolades and know it is more than a viable alternative to old-school fiberglass. Just about everybody raves about the considerable money savings each month. However, in the process of making your home or building project more energy-efficient, you need to know about the safety aspects.

Like any other construction project, precision is necessary when it comes to working with spray-foam insulation. While spray-foam insulation often represents a safer alternative to its fiberglass counterpart, there are some things to consider before, during and after the installation process.

The Environmental Protection Agency has publicly stated that those who are exposed to isocyanates and other spray-foam chemicals in vapors, aerosols, and dust during or after the installation process run the risk of developing asthma, sensitization, lung damage, other respiratory and breathing problems, and skin and eye irritation.

At Marvel Coatings, our developers and technical staff provide safety recommendation that will both minimize risk and maximize results.

Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Results

Any risks associated with spray-foam insulation can be considerably diminished by exercising simple, common-sense safety practices, including:

  • Proper identification of insulation’s contents and thorough review of the label

  • Thorough knowledge of workplace safety practices and specialized precautions for residential and commercial projects

  • Wearing proper protection for each individual project

  • Minimizing exposure to insulation product whenever possible

Let’s put these recommendations into action. For example, say you’re in charge of a crew that’s weatherizing a structure using spray-foam insulation. Our technical team can work with you to determine proper ventilation procedures. You’ll want to make sure anyone doing the application is wearing the right safety equipment. Marvel can help you in selecting proper attire, including face masks. All are part of our standard inventory.

You’ll also want to communicate with our technical advisors about how to proceed after the work is done. How long is considered the adequate time to air out before it can once again be occupied by unprotected individuals? In some cases, vapors and dust can linger after the insulation is installed. So, you’ll need to know when the area is safe for occupancy.

Benefits of Proper Safety Protocol

The bottom line is that spray-foam insulation installed safely and correctly can be a game changer when it comes to energy savings. In addition to warming your structure, spray-foam also seals air leaks and cracks. According to the EPA’s Energy Star program, this aspect alone says can save building owners 20 percent on their monthly heating and cooling bills.

Following simple and clearly established guidelines can make the difference between drafty inefficiency and warm, air-tight spaces. You can do the job safely and efficiently. At the end of the project, you’ll be happy with the results!

Let Us Help You Get the Most Out of Spray-Foam Insulation

Marvel Industrial Coatings offers the guidance, products, and service you need through the entire spray-foam insulation process. Contact our experienced and qualified team to find out how we can help you during the insulation process. We look forward to hearing from you.