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Is Your Truck Bed Looking Drab? Add a Dash of Color!

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Admit it, you picked that particular truck because it's pretty. The color just gleams and looks great as you drive down the road. There's nothing wrong admitting that you love the color of your vehicle. And you probably wish that color would hit your entire vehicle -- and that means your truck bed.

It's possible that the color of your truck bed has dulled and faded over the years. Scratches and bumps from years of wear and tear have probably damaged the paint. And soon your pretty truck just doesn't look as pretty anymore.

If only there was a way to protect the paint...

Don't worry. We have the solution you're looking for.

Color Matching Spray-On Bedliners

A bedliner is a great way to protect your vehicle from any bumps, scratches, or water damage. These liners are resistant to impact and will keep your truck bed looking as great as it did the first time you saw it.

But there is a big difference between a drop-in bedliner and a spray-on liner. The drop-in variety usually comes in one color - a neutral black. That's not going to cut it in your bright blue truck, is it!

But that's an added benefit a spray-on bedliner like Armadillo Liners can give your truck. Not only can protect your truck bed from scrapes, scratches, and bumps, it comes in a variety of colors. Have a fire engine red truck? We have that color. Interested in making your truck bed a bright green? We can do that too. So not only are you protecting your vehicle, but you're keeping it pretty as well.

Colors That Last in the Toughest Environments

There is always a worry about how the color can stand up in the harshest of environments. What if you live in Florida, where water from a hurricane can damage your vehicle? Or how about Arizona, where the sun will beat down on your truck every day? How will the color stand up to these harsh environments?

You have nothing to worry about! Armadillo Liners are built to last. Think of it as a hard shell that acts as a barrier. Our spray-on bedliner is not only tough, it is waterproof and resistant to UV light. This means that an Armadillo Liner will prevent water from damaging your vehicle. It also means that even with your vehicle being in constant sunlight, your color will not fade or turn yellow over time. It will be just as bright and pretty as the day it was first sprayed on your vehicle!

Find a Marvel Industrial Coatings Dealer Now

So if you want your vehicle to continue to look great and retain that color for years to come, the choice of what bedliner to go with should be simple. Armadillo Liners will protect and make your vehicle shine. Contact us today to find a dealer near you.