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See Why It’s Crucial to Invest in OEM Coatings

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In some ways, it’s the ultimate Catch 22.  As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), your job is to produce quality parts and equipment to be marketed by another company.  You have production timing concerns.  Despite that, you already know about the importance of OEM Coatings.   Can you find a process that will do the job without much downtime?

The OEM market can apply to many types of businesses.  For example, your company may be responsible for designing and producing automobile parts.  Some original equipment manufacturers are also involved in the computer industry.   Others design and manufacture machines such as material handling equipment or packing machines.

According to industry standards, OEM Coatings are essential.  For one, protection against corrosion is mandatory.   Next, there are concerns that the finished products must be safeguarded against abrasions and somewhat weather resistant.

 OEM Coatings: A Necessary Investment

The concept of manufacturing a product for someone else to market has its own specifications.  When you produce parts for another organization, you are asserting their value.  Performance is obviously key, as is appearance and durability.   Therefore, the industrial coating you select should address the following:

  • Chemical Exposure: Will the product potentially suffer chemical damage?

  • Corrosion Resistance: Is there a chance that the elements or something else could create a problem with corrosion?

  • Drying Times: Will curing affect production workflow?

  • VOC Compliance Issues: Have VOC (volatile organic compounds) compliance issues been addressed?

For the most part, it takes consultation with an experienced industrial coatings expert to understand what product is best for your production.  Polyurea is an industry standard, as is polyurethane.

Proper application is also essential.  In a business that is production focused, it is important to understand the best procedure for getting the job done.  Of course, the other consideration is prep time.  What is the applicable protocol to make sure the surface is properly prepared?

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At Marvel Coatings, our expert advisors have worked with a number of OEM manufacturers.  We understand the importance of producing a superior product in an efficient manner.  Contact us to learn some tips to benefit your project.