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What You Need to Know About Floor Coatings

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Maybe you thought about it but are hesitant to go through with it. But the more and more you look at your garage floor, the more you know that something has to be done. Look at all those cracks and stains! You're afraid the integrity of the floor will be destroyed. Yep, it's time to do something about the floor.

But what kind of floor coating should you get? There are so many out there! What is the right one for you?

Let us answer that question for you. What you need is the best floor coating on the market today. And that coating is a polyurea floor coating from Marvel Industrial Coatings. Here's why.

Not All Floor Coatings are the Same

The most important thing you should know is not all floor coatings are the same. For example, let's look at epoxy coatings. Although epoxy can bond to concrete well, it isn't stainproof, can take a long time to cure, and is not very flexible.

In addition, epoxy floors need constant maintenance. You will need to clean the floor whenever there's a minor spill so there are no stains. And if there is a stain, you're going to need some heavy duty cleaning to clean up that mess!

Another popular floor coating is liquid rubber. Sure, rubber flooring will prevent you from slipping. But it doesn't last very long, it gets dirty really easy, and it can be flammable. And let's not mention the smell.

But polyurea floor coatings are stain resistant, take only a few hours to cure, and can expand and contrast with the elements. It's also chemical resistant, the color won't fade over time, and is much, much stronger than epoxy. And it's waterproof, making it easy to clean!

Painting is Not Going to Cut It

Maybe you're thinking of just painting your floor to cover the cracks and stains. But that's a bad idea. Yes, paint can cover those imperfections on your garage floor. But unlike a polyurea coating, it can't protect your floor from further damage. That means within a year or two, your garage floor will probably look exactly what it looks like today. Not good!

Think of a polyurea coating as a barrier -- it seals your floor from any further damage caused by harsh chemicals, water stains, or even from the heat generated from your vehicle! This is protection that you won't be getting from a couple coats of paint!

Call Marvel Coatings for Your Polyurea Floor Coatings Now

The longer you wait, the worse and worse your floor is going to get. So don't wait until it's too late! Coat the floor now with a polyurea floor coating from Marvel Industrial Coatings. Call us today for more information or to find a dealer.