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How Coatings Help in the Water and Wastewater Industries

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Maintaining the integrity of water and wastewater infrastructures can be a difficult task. For one, there is the obvious issue presented with any liquid or moisture. Coupled with that is the constant chemical infiltration. Fortunately, there is hope. The right industrial coatings can increase the life of the structure and add strength to it.

In most cases, water and wastewater infrastructures are primarily constructed of concrete. Without proper treatment, concrete can crack. Unfortunately, the cracks can be sizeable and cause the structure to deteriorate. Fortunately, the proper application of polyurea coatings can help contain the issue. And, that’s just the beginning.

Polyurea in the Water and Wastewater Industries

Polyurea is well regarded for its propensity to protect in even the most difficult environments. Previously, we shared some information concerning the use of industrial coatings on bridges. Highway structures share some commonalities with the water and wastewater industries. Both are affected by extreme moisture and air. Certain chemicals may also cause surface contamination.

Of course, there is a major problem that can be isolated to the water and wastewater industries. What happens when the concrete weakens, and there is leakage? In some cases, this can be mean environmental issues and flooding. Additionally, there is the risk for human health concerns.

With proper preparation, there really is no wrong time to consider using polyurea. First, it has waterproofing properties and thus is a perfect shield when used appropriately. Polyurea also cures quickly and is seen as a “must have” for all types of containment. Not only will the right industrial coatings fill in cracks. Polyurea will also create a protective coating against abrasions.

Here’s another interesting consideration. Maintenance is crucial in the water and wastewater industries. Polyurea coatings actually make it an easier task to hose down the infrastructure without concerns that the liquid substances will cause harm.

Water and wastewater treatment plants are often operated by local government. The effectiveness of the product is as important as the cost. Marvel Coatings has a strong reputation within different facilities throughout the country. Our technical advisers can explain the proposed job to both municipal decision makers and the crew assigned to do the work.

In the end, what matters most is maintaining the integrity of the containment infrastructures. Polyurea is a great solution when it comes to adding life to new and existing water and wastewater containers.

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