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The Fundamentals of Equipment Needs for Industrial Coatings

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If you’re concerned about using the right equipment for industrial coatings, you are not alone. Perhaps you’ve conducted an internet search and are still confused. Although we intend to provide you with the basics here, nothing beats a personal conversation with one of our expert advisors.

As you know, the term industrial coatings is broad-based as far as the different types of products. Coupled with that are considerations concerning application uses. For example, your project could be restricted to installing a bedliner in a pickup truck. It could be as extensive as the proper application of spray foam insulation to a large commercial project. Of course, the list of jobs using industrial coatings is extensive.

Above all, there is one important concern. Industrial coatings are chemicals and, thus, require safety considerations. This is a constant regardless of the type of application.

State of Art Equipment for Industrial Coatings

In best case scenarios, industrial coatings applications should be viewed as a systematic approach. For starters, this involves personal protective equipment. Although polyurea is well respected for its end use, it does expose users to isocyanates. If you’re not familiar with the compounds, you should look at the details provided on OSHA’s website.

Since occupational exposure can potentially include health issues regarding skin and membrane irritation, workers are advised to take necessary precautions. Additionally, it is crucial that employees use safety goggles when applying any type of industrial coatings. At Marvel Coatings, we not only offer suggestion concerning personal safety equipment. We also stock these items.

You can take a look here at some of the equipment used with spray-on bedliners. The breakdown includes the following:

  • Heated hoses

  • Heated whip hose

  • Air-purge, mechanical-purge or liquid-purge gun

  • Supply pumps

  • Agitator kits

Additionally, those who decide to become spray on bedliner dealers will also need to invest in spray booths and the necessary accessories.

Equipment for Spray Foam Insulation

When it comes to spray foam insulation, there is still a need for protective safety equipment. However, the application is performed differently. In a prior article, we discussed how Reactor E-10HP is used in low production jobs.

The same article provides information regarding the use of REACTOR 2 E-XP2 for medium jobs and REACTOR 2 H-XP2 for high production work. Our technical advisors can provide you with more details concerning the right equipment for your project.

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The bottom line is that equipment concerns are as important as the chemicals used in industrial coatings. Not sure which way to proceed? We can help. Contact Marvel Coatings for a clearer understanding of how to approach your upcoming project.