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Which Proportioning System Fits Your Needs?

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So we've convinced you that polyurea coatings are the best way to go for your business. You order chemicals and are ready to purchase the equipment. But you're stumped. There are a few choices out there for a proportioning system. Which is the best for your business? How can you tell them apart?

Relax! We have you covered. Let's go through the differences between the three main systems and figure out which is the best for you.

The Types of Proportioning Systems

Before we go into the different proportioning systems, let's first explain what it does. A proportioning system is used to mix the chemicals together correctly to create either polyurea or spray foam. It makes sure the ratios are correctly balanced so you don't have too much of one chemical. They are best for applications of polyurea and spray foam.

There are three types of proportioning systems:

  • Air-Driven: Also known as a pneumatic proportioning system, this easy-to-use system uses compressed air to push the chemical out of the spray.

  • Electric-Driven: These systems use electricity to proportion the materials and move them out of the machine.

  • Hydraulic-Driven: Like electric systems, hydraulic proportioning systems use an electric motor to power the hydraulic drive system to mix the material.

Now that we know what each system does, let's break it down and see what is the best for your needs.

What's the Best System for You?

Let's start with the easiest system -- air-driven proportioning systems. Considered an entry level system, these proportioners are not as complex as an electric or hydraulic system. They are easy to maneuver and are best for a low to medium output application. Since it's not as powerful as the other two, an air-driven system can be used in both residential and commercial areas. And since it uses compressed air instead of electricity, it is less expensive than the other two. So if you're starting out in the business, this may be the machine for you.

The electric-driven proportioning system meets all standard system needs. It's best for mid to high output applications and for jobs where you need more control in the application. For example, this would be the system you would want if you need to spray a garage floor. The system comes with system diagnostics and material usage data. If you've been around the block when it comes to coating projects, this is the system for you.

The hydraulic proportioning system is for high-production professionals who have had years of experience in coating applications. This is the machine that works best for high output applications and in situations where you need greater application control. A hydraulic system can be used almost continuously -- no need to stop during application!

Get Help in Selecting your Proportioning System Today

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