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Protect Your Marine Deck With Marvel's Marine Coatings

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We're always going on about how great polyurea coatings are in protecting your vehicle from water, weather, chemicals, and the road. It's your best bet for protecting structures and can be used as a secondary containment system. But did you know that it's also the perfect protection for your boat?

A couple of months ago, we explained the many benefits Marvel's marine coatings have when used on your boat hull. It's light and flexible so it won't weigh down your craft. It's resistant to chemicals and is waterproof. And it protects your boat from getting damaged from the constant exposure to the sun's harmful rays.

Protect Your Deck With a Marine Coating

It's important to protect your marine deck. Not only do you want to keep the deck's material safe from corrosion or damage, but you need to make it skid proof. With all that water, these decks can get really slippery really fast and that's just an accident ready to happen!

Now there are many products that you can use to protect your marine deck. Some use a mat, which is good to prevent any slips or slides. But it has the same problems as you would have with a drop-in liner for your truck. Water can easily get trapped underneath the mat and damage your deck.

Others use wax to protect decks. But these products are only good if your deck is already non-skid or is made of fiberglass. Not only that but these products aren't very long lasting and don't protect very well from oxidation and UV damage.

No, what you want is a marine coating that protects your deck from UV rays, water damage, and is anti-skid. And that's what the marine coatings from Marvel Industrial Coatings can offer you.

How Our Coatings Protect Your Marine

How exactly do our marine coatings protect your deck? Here's how:

  • Repairs and protects from damage: Let's say your boat has been around the block and is starting to see its age. Water has started to damage the boat. Our your boat was in an accident and there's a crack in the wood. But a Marvel marine coating will not only repair the damage but will create a waterproof barrier so your boat will not only look brand new but won't be damaged by water or by an impact.

  • Anti-skid and easy to clean: No one wants to slip and fall. And our marine coatings skid proof. Not only do they prevent slips, but are easy to clean. Just spray it down after a day on the sea and you got a squeaky clean vessel.

  • Pick a color, any color: Of course the most important part is getting a color that matches the rest of the boat. And with a Marvel coating, you will not only get the color of your choice but thanks to our UV protection, your color will never fade.

  • Not just for boats: Not only can you protect your boat and deck. Our marine coatings can prolong the life of anything! Your storage container, tool box, support beams, even your beer cooler!

If you have a marina that needs some added protection, then you've come to the right place. Contact a Marvel Industrial Coatings dealer today for more information.