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How to Stop that Leaking Roof (Before It Starts)

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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” No doubt that Ben Franklin wasn’t talking about a leaking roof when he uttered these words of wisdom. For sure, the best way to stop a leaking roof is to take preventative measures before it starts letting moisture in. Nevertheless, there’s still hope that the integrity of the structure can be saved.

How’s that? You may not have anything to do with the initial roof installation. Whenever there is an investment in existing residential or commercial buildings, preliminary property inspections are conducted. To some, it may seem that it only matters how long the roof has been in place. Others are more concerned about the number of layers.

You certainly can’t downplay these issues. However, the products used in putting the roof up are also important. The right industrial coatings can seal off problem areas before they even exist. Additionally, proper maintenance can extend the life of the roof.

Leaking Roofs and the Weather

It sounds so cliché to talk about having a roof overhead. However, roofs are generally the highest point in most structures. They take on all aspects of weather. Roofs can sustain nicks from hailstorms and carry the weight of snow and rain accumulation.

In a prior article, we provided you with extensive details concerning the types of roofs that are most susceptible to damage. Clearly, stormy weather is a major factor. And, it takes something extremely durable to withstand the potential harm that leads to leaking roofs.

At Marvel Coatings, we have come up with a few solutions that work well as far as adding strength and waterproofing. For starters, there’s our Armadillo Liners. Many recognize this product from a different vantage point.

Armadillo Liners are top of the line when it comes to spray-on bedliners in trucks and other vehicles. They are well respected for their ability to endure weather and create a strong outer sealant.

One of the other advantages of using industrial coatings in roof preservation is that it enhances the look of the roof. Amazingly, the coating can act as a sealant for the life of the roof.

As we noted, it’s not always possible to ensure that coatings were used at the initial roof installation. Depending on the amount of damage, a well applied industrial coating may stop the immediacy and expense of replacing the roof.

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