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Summertime Means Pool Time! But is Yours Protected With the Best Pool Liner?

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Summertime has finally arrived and that means days spent at poolside, enjoying the lazy hazy days. You can enjoy reading a book while your kids splash and frolic. Maybe you will bring over a group of friends to enjoy the summer day. But before doing so, you're going to want your pool looking its best. So how's it looking?

If you say it's not looking so great these days, then this article is for you!

Why Do You Need a Pool Liner?

Anyone who owns a pool knows how big of an expense it can be. Besides the installation, you need to clean it regularly and make sure it's secure in the winter months, especially if you live in the northern part of the country. A pool liner can help keep your pool protected for years to come.

A pool liner can help keep your pool protected for years to come. It is resistant to tears and punctures and protects from any leakages.

Normally, a liner will last between eight and ten years, depending on your maintenance and care. But the weather and harsh chemicals can make a liner deteriorate rapidly, which can lead to major problems down the line. Not only could you spring a leak, but liners are extremely expensive to replace.

Why Polyurea Pool Liners is Your Best Option

For years now, vinyl pool liners have been the go-to product when lining a pool. These liners can be used as a waterproof membrane, are less expensive, can be customized into any shape, and are quick to install.

But again, the life of the liner all depends on how well you care for your pool. If you don't regularly keep up with the upkeep, your liner will only last for a few years. And if you use chlorine in your pool, the color can fade quickly in only a couple of years. This means even if the liner is still good after ten years, you may still want to replace it since it's so faded.

Then there's the problem of wrinkling and stretching. Vinyl liners can lose elasticity after so many years. This could mean it's difficult to keep it in the liner bead, causing sagging and allowing water to drain from the pool. Plus, the sagging will cause wrinkles in your liner. And once your liner is sagging, it will need to be replaced.

So what's your best bet? How about a polyurea pool liner? Think about it -- polyurea coatings are waterproof, impact resistant, and can withstand the harshest of chemicals. The color won't fade from chemicals or constant UV exposure. And you won't have to worry about sagging or wrinkling. It's the perfect choice for your pool!

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