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What Happens to Bridges when Protective Coatings are Applied?

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You can already guess that applying protective coatings to bridges is a positive move. The real dilemma comes when bridge surfaces go untreated. For starters, the lifespan of the infrastructure is undeniably shorter.

Bridges are constructed for a variety of reasons. For some, they are a means of passing over a waterway. Of course, some bridges are built over highways. Others are specifically designed for trains. As a matter of course, bridges must be strong and have some means of protection against stress and the environment.

That’s where protective coatings can help. Whether a bridge is constructed of steel or concrete, industrial coatings are a key consideration.

Industrial Coatings and Steel Bridges

No doubt you already know a major concern with steel bridges. The prospect of corrosion is very real. Of course, there’s not just the problem that many bridges are built around water. Rain and snow can also subject bridges to corrosion. Even the air itself can be pervasive.

Over time, corrosion can result in serious deterioration of bridges of all sizes. Without a doubt, this will affect the integrity of the structure and the prospect of harm. Protective coatings should be incorporated into the bridge’s design. Additionally, bridge maintenance plans should also include time scheduled coatings applications.

There are some important concerns regarding industrial coating applications to bridges. First, is the preparation of the surface. It will be necessary to check for contamination, including evaluation of leaking joints.

When it comes to selecting an industrial coatings product for bridge maintenance, there are several important considerations. One is obviously cost-effectiveness. However, it is also crucial to select a product that is environmentally sound and that will increase the lifespan of the bridge.

Protective coatings, such as those offered by Marvel Coatings serve a variety of purposes when it comes to bridges. Their ability to keep out air and moisture makes them ideal deterrents against corrosion.

Protective Coatings and Concrete Bridges

Bridges constructed of concrete face other issues that are related to the atmosphere. The elements may create harm to bridges, as well as the salts used to treat snow and ice formation.

When concrete cracks, it lessens the integrity of the structure and can result in serious damage. Industrial coatings can be used as a sealant to fill in cracks. Protective coatings add durability and a force against air and moisture.

Ideally, protective coatings are applied to bridges when they are initially constructed. They should also be a consideration during maintenance and rehabilitation.

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