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The Many Uses of Spray Foam Insulation

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You may be considering using spray foam to insulate your home. A great idea! But did you know there are other uses you can use spray foam insulation for?

As we all know, spray foam insulation is great to protect your home from the elements. It stops air leaks and is waterproof. It even helps your home's R-value which will help you with your energy costs.

But spray foam can be used in other applications too.

Spray Foam Applications

Let's start at the top of your home and work our way down. Your attic is a drafty place. This is the most common place where you want to have spray foam. You want to use a closed cell spray foam on the rafters, walls, and crawlspaces to seal any cracks and crevices so no air can leak out or water can come in. It can also prevent pesky pests from entering your home. And as long as you're not using it as a living space, don't forget those attic floors as well!

Now let's take a trip downstairs and head to your main living rooms. Do you have an air conditioner purring away in those rooms? If this is the case, you may want to spray a little foam around that AC unit. It will create an airtight seal so your cold air won't escape, causing you to turn up the unit and burning up more energy costs. You may also want to give your walls a good covering as well.

And don't forget your windows! You'll definitely want to spray around the windows to stop air flow, which will drive your R-value up and your energy costs down.

Ok, moving on to the bathroom. This is where the water resistant element of spray foam insulation can really kick into high gear. It can stop leaks from forming and prevent mildew and mold from forming. You'll want to spray around your pipes and even the shower walls!

Ok, now it's time to take a trip into the deep, dank basement. Watch the cobwebs! Now you might have fiberglass insulation down in the basement but this is a mistake. As we learned earlier, fiberglass does not stop air leakage, water damage, or pests from coming into your home. But spray foam does. It will seal your walls up, turning that basement into a warm, comfortable room. Plus, with the right insulation in your basement, your house will benefit. It will keep your upper-level floors warmer in the winter months.

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Not only is spray foam insulation perfect to lower your heating and cooling bills, and stop mildew and mold, but it can help with pest control and make your house a home. If you want to learn more about spray foam applications, contact the experts at Marvel Industrial Coatings today.