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Spray-On Bedliners: How to Increase Your Body Shop's Bottom Line

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“An accident waiting to happen.” To most, the expression isn’t a favorable one. However, if you own a body shop, it’s the basis of a great deal of your work. No question you would also enjoy other means of generating income. And, that’s where spray-on bedliners come in.

In many cases, dealing with an accident claim can be a cumbersome project. Even if you have the process down, you can find yourself waiting to get paid. However, when you take on spray-on bedliners, you are dealing directly with the consumer. As a bonus, you may even wind up with some more cheerful customers who will return to you again and again.

Body shops that incorporate spray-on bedliners as part of their business plan all say the same thing. People get excited about the finished look of well-done bedliner. For one, they revel in the shiny look. When it comes to Marvel Coatings Armadillo Liners, customers can’t say enough about the hard shell protection. And, if they’re replacing another type of liner, their appreciation is even grander.

Spray-On Bedliners Promote Sales

Incidentally, the concept of spray-on bedliners to promote sales is not exactly new. Almost ten years ago, a marketing research company named Frost & Sullivan considered the idea. At the time, the numbers on truck sales were down. Yet, liner sales were up.

So, what does that say? For one, within ninety days of purchase, most truck owners went for some kind of liner. Obviously, the emphasis is on protecting their investment. And, it doesn’t take much to figure out that a spray-on liner will always be superior to one that’s dropped in. If you’re not quite sure of the differences, you should read this article.

So, where exactly do customers go for spray-on bedliners? In some cases, the place where they bought their vehicle may offer the service. Or, they may have an arrangement with an outside shop to do the work.

Isn’t this where your body shop could use your connections? For certain, you have relationships with both new and used truck dealerships. Why not make your shop the one that gets the referral work for spray-on bedliners?

Of course, that won’t be your only source of bedliner business. At Marvel Coatings, we help others become dealers for us. Consequently, we also offer marketing materials and advice. The increased business will be lucrative and not reliant on accident claims.

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