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How to Make Your Residence More Energy Efficient

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No doubt you’re quite familiar with the term energy efficient. At the very least, you’ve seen energy efficiency ratings when you’ve shopped for appliances. However, you need to go further than that to make your residence more energy efficient. Learn how spray foam insulation can help.

Without question, energy efficiency translates into cost advantages.  According to the United States Department of Energy, heating and cooling make up approximately fifty percent of home utility costs. Additionally, an emphasis is placed on issues with air leaks. Essentially, an improperly insulated dwelling is equivalent to throwing money out of the window.

Spray Foam Insulation is Energy Efficient

When some think of weatherization, they seem to concentrate on cold temperatures alone. Meanwhile, if you are attempting to combat the heat, the last thing you want is air conditioning seeping outside your home.

The first sign that your home may be in need of better insulation is the size of your utility bills. Additionally, it may be evidenced by the work you put on your heating and air conditioning systems. There may be an issue if you sense equipment strains because of excessive use.

Most new construction is built with an emphasis on energy efficiency. Notwithstanding, if you reside in an older home, this may not be the case. Air tightness is of major concern. Consequently, it may be necessary to evaluate such areas as attics and crawlspaces to ensure they have been properly insulated.

As a homeowner, you may be surprised to discover some other major air leaks. For example, there can be seepage near poorly insulated windows. You might be under the impression that weather-stripping is a suitable solution. In most cases, spray in foam insulation provides a more long-term means of battling drafts experienced by poorly insulated windows.

Why does spray foam insulation contribute to energy efficiency? For one, it is adaptable to hard to reach spaces. For example, plumbing vents can easily be insulated with spray foam. Application is far easier than other means of insulation.

Incidentally, you may find that your roof has holes and is allowing the seepage of air and moisture. Roofers use spray foam or other coatings to add to the integrity of the roof. In turn, this also helps cut down the cost of air conditioning and heating bills.

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At Marvel Industrial Coatings, we realize that not all consumers are equipped to do their own insulation with spray foam. Our experts can guide you through the different types of insulation. Additionally, we can help make sure you get the job done right. Contact us with your questions and concerns.